The Black Market at the Anderson is Out of this World: A Poetic Retrospective

At the Black Market at the Anderson

this last Saturday May 29, 2021,

Space kitty floated to outer space 🪐 on groovy vibes.

Tie dye t-shirts shirts from Karina SantaRossa and Irian Cordova

of Celestial Kitty Clothing are a great fit for summer.

Fresh colorful cut offs reminded me of childhood memories.

Star Vega aka Space Kitty

She wasn’t the only kitty around. DJ Rippin’ Kitty

spun alternative dance favorites

with a gothic, new wave flava.

Rock band Creature Cage 

Blew us away to outer space 🪐 

What a blast 💥 of bodies swirling into a mosh pit

I got scared for a minute inside the bar

Pushed back from thrust of musculuar bodies

against the chairs on tables pushed back

to make room on the dance floor

adorned with a shiny disco ball.

But it’s fun to feel scared sometimes 

Like when watching our favorite

horror movies 🎥  as kids

Some of us, the goths, still do.

The Black Market is no stranger to the goth and punk

aesthetic and there were plenty us weirdos present,

The artists, the creators, the innovators

all vibed to eachother’s lights and the lights 

Provided by the Anderson 

In its hip good-vibin atmosphere 

With string lights around

An exterior of gardens. 

Excellent bartenders 

Brightened up our day

With their vibrant smiles

And positive energy 

There were so many artists and artistans

One could never name them all,

But a few stood out to me. 

Vibrella, a unison of Vibration (Vibra) and Star (Estrella),

made some tea magic. The tea vendor made hot and cold

concoctions served for utmost relaxation.  

They even had a special kratom

mix that was definitely lit.

Tesorocarolina is a real tesoro (treasure). The graceful artist

could be seen live painting a girl with a red mushroom head.

We were all tripping on it.

The event organizer Panther was inspired

to provide an entertainment

space for the alternative community.


It’s a place for a blend of cultures.

There was something for everyone.

Crystals vendors like Muzii and Safestones

radiated the healing peaceful grounding

vibrations of nature

It was comfortably bustling but a few

People had to wait in line to get inside 

To see the bands

There was really something for everyone at the Black Market. I can only see it getting better.

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