Aṣẹ: Afro Frequencies: A Tribute to the Black Experience Inspires Artists at Artechouse

Pedro Porro Dance

Our visit to Artechouse for their recent exhibit Aṣẹ: Afro Frequencies was “organically scripted.” The phrase is from Ursula Ruckers poem “Mapping Courses.” Rucker’s soothing, melodic voice reciting the words “stay open / and open your heart” played with house music in the background: a black room illuminated with white projections. In the coordinating “Afrikanism,” from Afro-surrealist visual artist Vince Fraser, glowing maps of Africa enhanced with technological instruments spun on the ground with galactic machinery. Along the walls, strings of lights shone like stars. It felt like an outer space ride in an otherworldly galaxy. The past, present, and future united with the collective Black Experience, which is really our experience. We all originated from the same source. 

Pedro Porro

The images on the screens rearranged to the sense of bodies. So the displays encouraged guests to dance. Art was created from art. People were inspired in movement. It all flowed.

Star Vega

The three of us met at Roots Miami Kava.  I was conversing with my friend Pedro Porro, a dancer and multitalented artist with a spiritual edge. Earlier that day, I had been feeling that I should start up the Chronicles after the events of 2020. Two people had mentioned that I should earlier that week. Our fellow friend Chris Castillo, who is a kava maker and talented image capturer, came to sit next to us.  He was telling Pedro that he wanted to go to Artechouse but was unsure if they would allow his professional gear. Pedro had envisioned a dance choreography and video project at the space. I told them I had visited in 2019 for XYZT Abstract Landscapes, so I was familiar with the space. Coincidentally, when I looked up their email, I found they had invited me to the press opening. It was divine timing. I felt the universe had answered my question.

There was something for all of us: dance, poetry, visual art, and music. The innovative art space blends art, science, and technology. They curate exhibitions that invite audience participation. “Inspiring a new generation of genre-pushing artists to create with technology” is part of Artechouse’s mission. Their latest exhibition Aṣẹ: Afro Frequencies definitely inspired us.

Check out some additional photographs that the show inspired below. Featured in the images are writer and artist Star Vega @starvega555, dancer and multidimensional artist Pedro Porro, artist and model Rodrik Wolf @rodrikwolf, and model Ana Ojeda @mousea_trapo. All images are courtesy of Chris Castillo, photographer and videographer. For more images, check out his page.

Ana Ojeda
Rodrik Wolf

Be sure to check out their next exhibit Renewal 2021, which will transport visitors 100 years into the future

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