Music, Movement and Technology in Close Encounters: The Orchid Adventure

Juraj Kojš calls himself an artphibian: one who migrates between genres. From poetry to sound, the artist thrives in spaces where disciplines overlap. In his latest project, Closer Encounters: The Orchid Adventure-together with dancer Pioneer Winter’s Collective and Miami Sound Choir-the artist and composer embarks on an adventure of movement, music, and technology. This weekend at a Secret Garden in the Grove, the event welcomes people of all ages to explore a new way of perceiving orchids-through the auditory sense. Yes, that’s right through sound.

Did you know orchids could make music? Plants are dynamic communicators. They send signals to one another through inaudible sounds. Whether it be a warning of danger, a pheromonal command, or a message of love, plants keep in touch through their mycelium network.

Now with fantastic new technology, these signals are translated into audible sounds for human enjoyment. A DNA Music Synthesizer and Sequencer is tapped into the orchids’ biorhythm to produce melodic sounds.

Each different species harbors a unique organic soundscape.

Check out amazing descriptions of some of the tracks:

Juraj Kojš, Pioneer Winter Collective and Miami Sound Choir


Music, movement and technology experience for children of all ages

Closer Encounters: The Orchid Adventure

Saturday, May 6 and Sunday, May 7, 2023 at 4:30PM 

Butterfly Orchid Market opens at 3PM

Secret Garden in Coconut Grove

Tickets (limited admission) and details:

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