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Deaf Poets just kicked-off their first tour ever with a party Friday November 22, 2013 at Churchill’s Pub that rocked the house. On the pub’s indoor and outdoor stages, ten local acts including bands Eagle Chief, Hunters of the Alps, The Grey 8’s and singer-songwriter Jesse Jackson performed, bidding their friends a rockin’ farewell….

With a mix of indie-rock sounds, garage punk beats, and melodic blues lyrics, Deaf Poets have garnered a fan following since they came on the music scene in 2010. The Miami duo of drummer Nicolas (Nico) Espinosa and singer-guitarist Sean Wouters is embarking on an east-coast this winter, stopping at cities like Brooklyn, NY and Augusta, GA. 

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   On Friday night, the release of the band’s four track EP called Red Wagon was also celebrated.   Red Wagon, Deaf Poet’s second EP release, was distributed on old-school audio cassettes or tapes.  According to drummer Nico, “EPs on tapes is the new thing to do.” “First it was vinyl, now tapes, next thing you know it will be A-tracks,” he joked. by BUFU records, a label based out of Boston, a city the band loves to play.  According to Nico, EPs on tapes is the new thing to do.  First it was vinyl, now tapes, next thing you know it will be A-tracks,he joked.  Moreover, he said, “A lot of things that had vanished in time are making a comeback.  There’s a sense of value to owning a cassette or vinyl rather than an mp3.”  Nico and Sean released the EP through BUFU records, a label based out of Boston created by their close friends, Ben Katzman.  Deaf Poets has had a great reception in Bean Town, which they love to play.  A full album titled 4150 will be released soon, and the band is planning a CD release party upon their return from tour.   

Deaf Poets exudes a positive energy with their live performances and their music gets everyone moving.  At a Deaf Poets show, there will be dancing, head-banding, moshing and cheering.  Although they are two, Nico and Sean make the noise of five.  They have a pure, raw talent and always give 110%.  Friday was no exception.  Like usual, the twenty-three year old Argentine Nico seemed to go into an alternate state, a sort of percussion-induced musical trance, pounding the drums with a fervor, continuous and hard.  After their performance, audience members asked for an encore.  Five more,one party-goer yelled.  Fans just cant get enough.  They are that good.


All pictures are courtesy of  Deaf Poets.

Check out more pictures of the event: 

They could continue to evolve as some of the best local musicians in Miami.CBS Miami

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