15 Female Drummers Will Kick-Start the Perez Art Museum’s Free Second Saturdays with “First Beat.”

Nothing gets people going like beating tom-toms. Mimicking the animal heartbeat, the sound of drums strikes a special chord with people. With their universal, resounding noise, these instruments of percussion create unison among crowds. Stemming from native, ancestral music, drums also unite people by expressing a culture’s common musical roots. On Saturday, December 14, 2013, fifteen female drummers from Miami and New York City will be using the unifying, communal art of drumming to commemorate the recent opening of Miami’s newest space for culture and community, the Perez Art Museum Miami……

Taking place throughout Miami’s new, brilliant architectural landmark, the special performance titled “First Beat” blends feminism with art and culture.  Compositions of Afro-Cuban and Haitian origin written exclusively to be performed by men were reworked into new pieces by Mindy Abovitz, founder and publisher of Tom Tom Magazine, a unique publication dedicated to women and the art of drumming.        

   Mindy Abovitz takes drums to another level, placing the rock-and-roll instrument in the realm of fine art by creating drumming compositions in the likeness of classical music.   Originally from South Florida, the New Yorker was commissioned by PAMM to compose “First Beat,”  a four-piece drum performance.  From 1 p.m. to 4 p.m., every hour on the hour, an act will be conducted with a separate intention and meaning, organized around commemorating the opening of this new meeting place for art and culture.  Acts will include  Wham, Bam PAMM, a rite of passage calling on tradition and innovation; 2:2, commemorating the museums Free Second Saturdays program;12/14/13, commemorating the opening of the museum, and Wham, Bam, Jam, an interactive session inviting museum-goers to partake in the fun.

     “First Beat” also kick-starts the PAMM’s new monthly program, Free Second Saturdays.  Presented by Target, the program features a day of art-making, family-friendly gallery tours, performances, and more. In the heart of Miami’s downtown, the museum is easily accessible through the Metromover at the Museum Park Station and the Miami Trolley on Biscayne Blvd.

For more information check out the museum’s information page and RSVP to the event.       


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Read “15 Female Drummers Will Kick-Start the Perez Art Museum’s Free Second Saturdays with “First Beat” published on the MiamiArtZine.com


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