Miami Street Artists Paint Majestic Indoor Mural for Art Palm Beach

Two prevalent street artists from Miami’s scene, Buddha Funk and Luis Valle, are getting fancy at this weekend’s influential art fair, Art Palm Beach, which takes place off Florida’s Gold Coast at the Palm Beach Convention Center from January the 24th to the 27th, 2014.  Along with other emerging artists from over eighty international galleries, the collaborative duo will display their work in a project spearheaded by Irreversible Magazine.

 Luis Valle and Buddah Funk are bringing their concrete masterpieces from the city streets to an impressive indoor gallery space at the immense fair, which celebrates its 17th anniversary. Mimicking the external, natural environment, the installation utilizes real, fresh grass, and the duo’s “natural mystic mural” consists of cherry blossoms adorned with golden sketchings of butterflies, birds and owls rendered in a style typical of Buddah Funk’s Wynwood murals……

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