Cocktales Set To Stimulate Audiences at Bardot


Nymphomania seems to be in the air. Recently, the controversial two part film, Nymphomania: Volume I and Nymphomania: Volume II, from famed art-house director and writer Lars von Trier, known forMelancholia and Dogville, was released at O, Cinema and the Miami Beach Cinematheque.Nymphomania is extremely frequent or suddenly increased sexual urges in women; the less used term for males is satyriasis. But, why is it that we never hear the male term? A play that bursts with the same hypersexual energy of Von Trier’s films explores this question. Straight from New York City, the avant-garde Cocktales: Confessions of a Nymphomaniac, has come to an unconventional location, Miami’s Bardot……….  

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