Weekend Rewind! Local Bands Mix it Up for 2nd Annual Cassette Store Day


Do you still have a tape deck? Most people have discarded this method of hearing music as “superior” formats have become available. But, are CD’s, vinyls, or mp3 really better options? People might be missing out on a higher-quality listening experience for the quick, easy accessibility on these newer forms; some say modern audiocassettes sound better than mp3s while being equal to CDs and much cheaper than vinyls.On the last weekend of September, Sweat Records, Churchill’s and Cheap Miami hosted Cassette Store Day, the second annual, international celebration of tapes or record cassettes.

These time-honored, plastic musical pieces of sound transfer were honored with a six-hour rocking live performance at Sweat Records and Churchill’s Pub.

Twelve local bands were scheduled to perform on Churchill’s two-stages at night while others played the stage within the vinyl-record store in the early evening. The Grey 8s, The Gun Hoes, Deaf Poets, Booty & the Browns, and the Plastic Pinks were among those local bands that rocked audiences. And, these bands displaying some of the best local rock-and-roll talent were selling audiocassettes of their music.

Local record label, Cheap Miami released a limited edition complication tape “Cheap Hits (305 Miami Compilation),” which includes many of these bands’ hits.Nowadays tapes are making a comeback. Many musicians are releasing their music on cassettes creating a romantic nostalgia in the music world. Remember when we used to make each other mix tapes? Local band Deaf Poets released their first album “Red Wagon” on audiocassette last November expressing a resurgence in the form of he past. See Deaf Poets’ East-Coast Tour Kick-off Party at Churchill’s Pub. Tapes are so popular now, they have their own day.

The international celebration not-surprisingly originated in the UK, the brain-child of record label owners. Record Store Day, which occurs in April, inspired the event. But, the festivities are slightly different. While Record Store Day celebrates stores that sell vinyl records, Cassette Store Day also celebrates the release of records on tapes. Famous acts releasing tapes to mark Cassette Store Day included Andrew Jackson Jihad, Julian Casablanca’s The Voidz, The Gaslight Anthem, Karen O, and They Might Be Giants.

Read Cassette Store Day in “Weekend Rewind! Local Bands Mix it Up for 2nd Annual Cassette Store Day” on the MiamiArtZine.com

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