Countdown to Kindness! Give Miami Day Changes the City in 24 Hours [Article for the]

In twenty-four hours, a city can be changed, especially if kindness, generosity and community are involved — that is the idea behind Give Miami Day.

On Give Miami Day, from midnight on Thursday, Nov. 20, 2014 to midnight on Friday, Nov. Nov. 21, 2014, these attributes will definitely be observed.

Over five hundred local non-profits will receive support from philanthropic donors, who will be giving monetary gifts. And, it will all happen online at This event is a huge deal. Last year, $3.2 million was given to over four hundred organizations, which used the funds to further advocate their causes. Some of the non-profits include Breakthrough Miami, which provides under-resourced children access to top schools, SAVE Foundation, which champions equality in Miami, and the Miami Science Museum, which inspires discovery…. Read more of “Countdown to Kindness!” on the


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