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O, Miami 2015: Is it For Everyone? An Ode to the Magic City

The O, Miami Poetry Festival (www.omiami.org/) has given poetry a zip code in Miami; the literary art form has been welcomed in one way or another to the sunny metropolis under the shade of the community’s support.

The Knight Foundation primarily funds the festival, which has celebrated the city in the tradition of many poets, writing verses celebrating their vicinities. People were asked to submit their poems about the Magic City. The festival literally crafted a love poem to Miami, creating an electronic map of all of the first lines of poems submitted by people in each zip code. (knightarts.org/omiami/zipmap/) Each random poetic fragment was unified, creating a whole…..

Read more O, Miami: Is it For Everyone? An Ode to the Magic City on the MiamiArtZine.com


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