Chinese History Honored in ‘Reshuffling’: Exhibit at MDC Serves to Enrich Community

Chinese History Honored in ‘Reshuffling’: Exhibit at MDC Serves to Enrich Community

Incorporating styles and techniques from artistic, cultural traditions is common to artists, who constantly reshuffle and redesign methods from the past to fit a new, modern aesthetic. In adhering to the artist traditions of specific cultures, these artists also honor their history. The current exhibition held at the Centre Gallery of the Miami Dade College Campus Galleries of Art + Design presents 37 works by eight contemporary Chinese artists who remixed the thousand-year old elegant Chinese technique of ink and wash painting on rice paper. “Reshuffling the Past: New Ink Paintings from China,” on view through November 7, is on display at the Wolfson Campus Centre Gallery……..Read more “Chinese History Honored in ‘Reshuffling'” about this unique cultural exposition on  the

Here’s a gallery of the opening event:

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