Make Yourself at Home With Art

At Home With Art:Local Artists Showcase Urban and Fine Art at Home Show

Art can inspire imaginative ideas when one is planning a room’s design. When I was decorating my room, I found posters of Van Gogh paintings from the Louvre, an old painting of a Parisian street with boutiques and cafes from Marshall’s, and a print of a French garden that I bought on one of my high-school trips to Paris. I loved these pieces and wanted to incorporate them in my design, so I chose a French garden theme for the space. Once I had a concept for my room, the décor naturally flowed. Some people often do the opposite. They try to find the perfect pieces of art to accompany their already implemented creative schema. Trying to fit art into an already designed room can be like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole…..Keep reading the article published in

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