Lip Service Will Make You Laugh, Cry: Miami Book Fair Presents Live Storytellers

Miami Book Fair Presents Lip Service: Storytellers Will Make You Laugh and Cry

“We tell ourselves stories in order to live.”
― Joan DidionThe White Album

We tell our stories to others and we hear theirs, stories we can relate to, stories that entertain us, frighten us, stories that move us to laughter or tears, stories that make us feel we are not alone, stories that help us get through, as Prince said, “this thing we call life.”

Stories like an African exorcism ritual, a teenage mother fleeing domestic abuse, a backyard pet cemetery, a rape victim faced with a difficult choice, a revelation about a broken collarbone, a cult-like women’s summit, excessive body hair, and a letter to the Fonz!  These are just some of the personal, true stories you will hear, told live by storytellers Claudia Franklin, Mishal Mehrel, Italome Ohikhuare, Nicole Post, Gabrielle Pelicci, Nilsa Rivera, Doug Shear, and Jeffrey Weinstock at Lip Service, the coolest storytelling event in South Florida hosted by Ester Martinez-Kennif and Nicholas Garnett.

I had the opportunity to interview Garnett, one of the show’s producers, and here’s what he had to say about the show.

….Keep reading the interview published in



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