#Subtropics24: Summer Sound Art Festival Kicks-Off With Two Resounding Sonic Installations at Art Center/South Florida

Subtropics XXIV kicked off on July 5th at Art Center/South Florida on Lincoln Road with two resounding installations of sound art.

The festival’s Founder and Artistic Director, Gustavo Matamoros created Listen.


Guests enjoy the various sounds in a small room with seats in the center overlooking Lincoln Rd., Dimly-lit in various colors, the space creates a kind of synesthesia, relaxing and enchanting.





Microcosmos from composer and sound artist Alba Triana is an installation of a cymbal that receives frequencies to produce sounds and vibrations, which mimics everything in nature. As the artist explained that “the piece represents how everything in nature vibrates.” And that includes us humans and our molecules. In this way, we are all connected along with everything in nature because vibrations create energies that may be felt from a distance. Here is a clip of her explaining her work of art.



This video doesn’t exist


Here are some other, similar works of sound art from Alba Triana Studios:




MUSIC ON A BOUND STRING NO. 2, reflecting light
Sound and light sculpture | installation, 2015
Dimensions variable
Duration 16’ loop




MUSIC ON A BOUND STRING NO. 1, natural light
Sound sculpture | installation, 2015
Dimensions 47’’ x 55.3’’ x 20.6’’
Duration 5’30’’ loop

Listen and Microcosmos will be on view at the ArtCenter/South Florida on Lincoln Rd. until September 3, 2017.

There is a lot more to come in the month of July from Subtropics XXIV. This biennial festival of experimental sound will include live concerts, sound art installations, workshops and films. Cohosted by ArtCenter/South Florida, most events will occur at their space on Lincoln Rd. There will be other happenings at the new downtown location of the Art Center as well as at Audiotheque, also at the Lincoln Rd location.

View the complete schedule of events and locations at subtropics.org/XXIV). All events are free, but space is limited and the concert locations are intimate venues (the public is encouraged to arrive early)


Pics courtesy of Alba Triana

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