Love, Light, and Unity: Pure Life Festival Retrospective | Photo Gallery

Contributed by  Abranel Productions (Irian Cordoba) | Photographer 

img_3689.jpgThe mystic festival was located in the outdoors venue of Smart Bites located on 791 NW 20th st on Saturday, Feb 10, 2018.

Pure Life Festival included many forms of entertainment for its guests such as live music performers, plant based food vendors, and a variety of natural, holistic and CBD products for sale.

The event was full of free spirited individuals who enjoyed the outdoor scene in the cool starry night.


I had the opportunity to meet and greet each vendor at the festival and go over their individual products. I had the opportunity try some of the most delicious foods by Tastebud Herbal ( a buddha bowl), The Sweet Spot Goodies (a CBD infused cupcake), Rez Bound (an infused cotton candy) and Space Vakery (a mango pie).

Tastebud Herbal
The Sweet Spot Goodiez

I was also able to try other different products such as a Bath Soak from Body Chi and a Thai Massage which was incredible.

Pure Life Festival was not only a place to be free bird and unravel the party animal that is within but a place where we all felt connected and accepted as one!


Khreatin Pieces

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