Miami Warehouse Creative Space: Where New Miami Meets Culture, Consciousness, Creativity

Miami Warehouse Creative Space is located in the Leah Arts District, the freshest new area in the city for young artists. But location isn’t everything as some have said. The people behind an enterprise make it or break it.

Mulatta (pictured above) is the multitalented and fashionable host and founder of MWCS. She is a spiritual guide for her community: a colorful, multi-cultural group of young Miami adults.

She is guiding kids towards more conscious lifestyles through art, food, music, and wellness events. Together with her crew, she is providing a great alternative to nightclubs and bars with weekend and weekday socials, each with a unique theme.


One of their recent events “Fearless and Feminine” was all about female empowerment, and they nailed it. They had it all. Amazing talent, musicians, physical fitness presenters, and even a vegan cooking demonstration. They gathered young locals from various cultures to come together to discuss eating a plant-based diet, spirituality, and self-improvement. They also had some super-talented singers and rappers come out to perform for everyone.

Dani the Fairy @danithefcknfairy (pictured below) herbalist at the Miami warehouse expressed the vibe best: “Excited to all these different types of women come together and share similarities and realize that we’re all the same. We all go through the same problems and realize that we’re all equal.”

They get that respecting the divine feminine stems from showing reverence to Mother Earth, other people and ourselves by eating well and exercising.  Being conscious means respecting the environment and all living beings, including yourself.

Some of the ladies at Miami Creative Warehouse Space: @danithefcknfairy @sunshinesoulflower @nikkim_0322 @chaelabella @gina.dess
Fabienne Claude Leading a Yoga Class @fabcevolution
Host Mulatta @bookbulatta with Fabienne Claude
Host Mulatta @bookbulatta with Fabienne Claude

Host Mulatta and Fabienne Claude led a marvelous discussion about intuition, self-esteem, overcoming past trauma, and nurturing your spirit that resonated with the audience.  The intimate conversation was right after Fabienne’s relaxing and recharging yoga class.

Steven Rodriguez, event goer: “[This event is great, because it shows that we] all could connect as individuals to actually understand who we are and what we want out of life. It’s a good kind of environment we have going here.”

Around the warehouse during the performances and talks, there were live painters and vendors (like the amazing beet cake gal  @vegannaki pictured below)

Vegan Beet Cake. It’s delicous cake, and it’s healthy.


There were also many talented musical acts including the outstanding singer I AM BRENDA who amazed the audience with her soulful, captivating voice and the dynamic duo of rapper and singer, 2DWN.  Check out the video below:


2DWN is made up of the couple singer, dancer @jorday and DJ, lyracist @_t3o_  They performed a song about their love for each other that had everyone jammin’.

Singer, dancer @jorday_
Singer, dancer @jorday_ with DJ, lyracist @_t3o_  (left)

Singer, dancer Jorday also works with students in local schools, teaching them about music. She brought one of her talented students to perform as well.

To top off the evening, soulful and sassy vegan chef Alejandra gave a talk and demonstration, and she put a spin on a traditional Shepherd’s Pie using lentils as the “meat”. She gave attendees, including myself, a sample and I have to say is “wow.” It was tasty, comforting and healthy.  One of the best vegan dishes I have tried.

She used healthy and tasty cooking oils of the future from Simply Beyond. There was also a discussion about eating healthier and host Mulatta asked the audience questions like “What’s stopping you from making the next leap and going vegan?”

Alejandra, event organizer and vegan cook “I’m really excited, and I’m happy with the turnout. I’m glad that everyone is participating and being open with everyone.”

“It’s cool that I got to share my passion [of cooking] with everybody.”

Don’t miss the next event at the warehouse “Flower Hunt” on April 20, 2018.  @miamiwarehouse. Follow @miamichronicles on Ig for more live videos of these events and more.

All photography from Emma Sky Photography

Thanks to Yma Tejeda for the quotes!

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