OM Cushion Crawl: Moving Meditations Through Miami’s Art Conscious Spaces

Driving through Wynwood recently, you may have noticed a foreboding layout of mummified looking figures that resemble a cemetery.

The art piece “Metamorfosis” (Metamorphosisfrom Mexican (Oxacan) artist Alberto Aragon Reyes was created as a response to the crisis of sea level rise that is plaguing the city. It’s on the corner of 23rd Street and N. Miami Ave.

The first part of the installation is a sculpture “The Fisherman” which depicts a bald-headed man carrying a fish.  He looks over at all of the figures, which are actually cocoons representing modern day humans undergoing transformation and evolution into more conscious beings.  They encompass the second part of the public artwork “The Witness.”



Will we just watch helplessly as the sea encroaches upon us or will we do everything in our power to save our home?

On Sunday evening, right before sunset, a group of conscious locals came out to meditate on the global issue at the location, among the elements.  They are part of a movement of individuals in the city who are intent on coming together to help us rise up to the issues facing our environment. Their roaming meditation is Modern OM Cushion Crawl, which is a mindfulness challenge that took place twenty-one days throughout May at twenty-one varying creative and conscious locations.meditationsunset

Aware of the impending threat of sea level rise, many are understanding that our consumer behaviors need to change to prevent further destruction.

Some of the other locations of these meditations include the Sacred Space, NAMO Gallery, and Wynwood Yard.

The Sacred Space

NAMO Gallery in Wynwood is a meditation, yoga, and art exhibition space. Artist and yoga instructor Noelia Mediedo founded the space in 2011 and opened it to those interested in the ancient practice of yoga.


During her sessions, students are surrounded by her photo collages, which she recently created on a trip to India for a meditation retreat. The collection is entitled The INNER-LIGHT JOURNEY.  Check out a few of her cool, awesome pieces:



On Saturday, May 12, 2018, the 2nd Cushion Crawl commenced. 100 “Crawlers” embarked on a 21 day journey of stillness, meditation, and reflection.

The next Crawl is in the Fall from 10/21 – 11/11, and sign up is now available. For more information visit

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