Hundreds March in Downtown Miami for Animal Rights: 2nd Annual Official Animal Rights March Miami 2018

On Saturday, August 25th, people all around the world marched for animal rights. It is the next frontier. There was women’s rights, including the right to vote, and civil rights, both which led began with street marches, and now there is animal rights. The movement grows every day.

In Miami, there was about 300 peaceful protesters, who didn’t let the rain stop them. They marched along with hundreds and thousands more in major cities around the world.


The desire of these activists is for people to a transition to a vegan lifestyle, which means not exploiting animals for their body parts. This includes a plant-based diet, a wardrobe free of animal parts, not using animals for entertainment, or research for body and home care products. We can do better than abuse sentient beings. We do not need to use them.

Animals, like our cats and dogs, are all individual beings with desires, needs, and feelings. Pigs, cows, and chickens aren’t much different, yet they are slaughtered and led to live miserable lives in the confines of factory farms-the equivalent to concentration camps- where they live waiting to die, often abused at the hands of frustrated factory workers. With the work and dedication of undercover investigators, footage of abuse has been captured over and over at different facilities around the country.  Just recently, Animal Rescue Mission uncovered the abuse of dairy cows at McArthur Dairy Farms.

These places do not want to be recorded, and some have implemented laws to prohibit any recording. Ask yourself: “If they do nothing wrong, then why can’t anyone see it?”

But don’t let me try to open your eyes, read the messages of the many beautiful people who participated in the march.



Vegan kids from were at the frontline of the march.

There was even some artwork displayed from Art to Save Lives.

Human health is also at stake. Obesity and diabetes are epidemics in this country, and heart disease is the number one killer. Animal products are known to cause these diseases.  We kill them, it kills us.

We are all connected. The planet is also suffering.  Animal agriculture is the leading cause of global warming. Going vegan gives us the best chance of stopping it.

More images from the march:


Let’s rise up Miami! Everyone who cares about our future needs to join the movement.


Please visit Resources-Anonymous for the Voiceless for more information

Surge Activism has organized the march since 2016, when it began in London. Check them out.

Check out our post from last year’s march.

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