Miami’s Evolution of Culture: Vie Boheme Choreographing Conscious Arts & Music Events | Interview

If you consider Miami’s current atmosphere and interest in connecting to the spirit along with where humanity is at right now in our evolution, the concepts that Vie Boheme explores at our events are exactly what this city needs.  -Naomi Serret founder of Vie Boheme
Vie Boheme Productions is part traveling caravan, part art gallery space.
The chic company was founded by Naomi Serret, a dancer. Her love of the arts led her to create a reservoir for inspiration, community building, and artistic repertoire.
Together, Vie Boheme is like a tribe, and Naomi is dedicated to choreographing elements of Miami’s underground arts, high caliber studio art, and the best culinary masters, and DJs in Miami.
She believes in synchronicity, magick, angels, and demons. She believes in Starseeds.
From the company’s official statement:

“Starseeds are beings that come from other planets, solar systems or galaxies and incarnate here on earth. At some point in their existence, they wake up and remember their earthly mission. So what is their mission and why do they come here? For the same reason many of us do—to assist this planet and all its sentient beings in the awakening and ascension process.

On Saturday, March 2nd, 2019, Vie Boheme presents Starseed, a fusion of live music, curated art, digital creations, and unique vendors all inspired by our Starseeds and their presence here on Earth. Premiering all new, original artwork along with customized digital mapping, Starseed is an event bursting with artistry that promises to raise the cultural standard in Miami.”


I met the gorgeous Naomi in a totally synchronistic way. At a pre-Burning Man event, she came to talk to my friend and I heard her mention Miami Chronicles to her. At the same moment, I was going to introduce myself to her. It was pretty amazing.
Yes, synchronicities exist. We are both Cuban and Lebanese. We both believe we were Egyptian in a past life. There are signs everywhere. Never give up!
I asked her a few questions about her upcoming project. Check out what she had to say!
Monica V Torres: Where did you first hear of Starseeds?
Naomi Serret: Call it synchronicity. I stumbled upon Starseed on my spiritual journey. The moment I found Starseeds, I always knew I was connected somehow. It’s part of my “bigger picture” if you will. I’m still tapping into so many things on this path, but this is one aspect of my journey that I’m currently unlocking.
MT: Why is this concept relevant to Miami today?
NS: Miami is a burgeoning community of artists and creatives that is just now beginning to understand it’s full potential. It’s a blossoming creative collective and anywhere people create and co-create art and music in any form, we are connecting to the source. If you consider Miami’s current atmosphere and interest in connecting to the spirit along with where humanity is at right now in our evolution, the concepts that Vie Boheme explores at our events are exactly what this city needs.
MT: Why do you think artists need to be more drawn to spirituality?
NS: Artists have a unique gift and responsibility. Through inspiration and relentless pursuit of their art, they unlock gateways to the spirit. When a creative reaches a certain level of artistry and mastery in their field, they open a door to direct communication with higher dimensions and states of consciousness. If they explore this and simultaneously heal in their human experience, their art can be used as a tool to communicate with other humans about that which lies beyond; to show them what is possible. An artist’s work is important because through their craft,  they share things that words can’t accurately express. Therein lies their responsibility to humanity. By sharing their visions, they plant seeds in others’ minds and hope that once those seeds are watered properly, others may awaken.
MT: Did you grow up religious?

NS: No. My parents were both raised in different religions, so we weren’t raised with just one religious belief system. I did attend church with my cousins once in a while, but always felt like an outside observer same as I do now for many things. My mom’s family was Catholic. I think. ( LoL) My dad’s were Jehovah’s Witness and we had a lot of Jewish friends. So I was always surrounded by different religious ideologies. I always found it very interesting to observe their similarities and differences from an outside perspective.

MT: Do you think you’re a Starseed?
NS: Yes.


If you want to check out this amazing Starseed event, get your tickets at : Starseed Tix

And follow @viebohememiami for upcoming events and projects updates throughout the city.


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