Down to Earth, Shooting Starlet, Sdar Lotus, Discusses Her Art, Music and Personal Struggle with Fibromyalgia | Interview

When I think of the word goddess, this lady comes to my mind: Sdar Lotus. She is a creative and colorful unique being, who emits an intergalactic light like a Sdar (pronounced star),  yet she’s down to earth like a Lotus. Her beauty shines from within as much as it does without. 46510562_10217727634248437_1873560748509102080_o.jpg
With a dynamic aura and vibrant luminosity, she sings and raps, writes songs, creates intricate dream catchers and necklaces with crystals, performs the healing arts, and does the most majestic makeup.
An all-around creative embodiment of the feminine divine, Sdar Lotus, is one girl in the local scene that you want to keep your eye on.  She is woke and she is spreading messages of self-love, positivity, and enlightenment through her body-moving beats.
I love cheering people on to do what makes them happy, because that is your unique light only you can share! -Sdar Lotus
In her poppin’ single “Buccha,” she sings: I’ve got angels by my side, they’re with me ride or die, and if it don’t feel good, then I ain’t gonna vibe.”  Check out the otherworldly trippy video.
She blends genres like Hip-Hop, Rock, and Country in her latest single “Main Street.”
We got the chance to ask her a few questions about her art, life philosophy and personal struggle with Fibromyalgia.

Miami Chronicles: What is the inspiration behind the song?

Sdar Lotus: I wanted ‘Bucha’ to be a lot of fun, sounding almost like a club banger, but instead of alcohol we’re popping open kombucha! I wanted people to sing along and feel good about themselves, something positive and encouraging. Something that says love yourself even if people don’t understand all the beauty that makes you you. Love yourself at where you are in this moment, knowing you’re aways growing and evolving. Even when your life is in upheaval, that’s when you’re doing the shadow work, perception makes your moment. Focusing on that process.

MC: Do you really believe in angels? How about spiritual warfare?

SL: I do believe in angels! In more ways than one. The line angels by my side represents two different aspects. I believe my friends are angels by my side, here to push me to become better, to teach me, and to guide me. I’ve been truly blessed, not being from South Florida, to have met some of the most beautiful, amazing people who, like I say in the song, are with me ride or die. They always have my back, and living somewhere where I don’t have any family, it means the world to me. The second meaning comes from an aura reading I had about 2 years ago. The lady told me the picture showed I had more angelic energy around me than anyone she had seen at my age. She said, normally, you’ll see that much around someone who is older and getting closer to crossing over. I had deep connections to my grandmother on my mother’s side and my grandfather on my father’s side. She told me to remember my grandmother is holding me through everything. My dad has always been able to see my grandfather working in our lives through signs.

Spiritual warfare, I definitely believe it’s important to protect your energy. I try to stay on the positive side of everything and not give much energy to the negatives.

MC: How did you get started with music? How old were you? Tell us a bit about your journey.

SL: Oh man, I’ve been singing since I was born! I remember my mom pushing me around in a stroller as I sang ‘Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer’ at the top of my lungs in the middle of the mall repeatedly. My mom has always been my biggest supporter, she’s taught me to remain myself always. I come from a really small town, population less than 800, so sometimes I felt like there wasn’t as many opportunities to grow, for most lessons you had to drive at least 45 minutes. Never the less I made the most of it! I had a wonderful choir teacher in high school, Mrs O’Connor, who really pushed me to do as much with my voice as I could. I sang the national anthem at almost every sporting event, was a cantor at church, sang for weddings, funerals, and even old ladies birthday parties and bridal showers! About five years ago I met, by chance, a beautiful new friend, Luna, who played the guitar. It was with her encouragement that I wrote my first real, accompanied song and that’s what started a catalyst. We posted a video of the song we created, “Nature Meditation”, on YouTube. It caught the attention of one of her friends, who reached out to me. That’s how I met my now producer and dear friend, Eha Rouge. I truly believe everything is connected and meant to happen!

MC: How would you describe your aesthetic? Why are you so colorful? (I don’t mean this question to sound odd. Just curious about how you approach style.) How do you think is it related to your message?

SL: Ahhhh, you caught me! I’m so colorful, hahaha! I guess it stems from both of my parents being very artistically talented. My mom always made sure I had the box of crayons with alllll the colors! I moved to Florida to become a makeup artist at the age of 18. I landed a job with Mac Cosmetics about 2 months after moving here. I worked with the company for around 9 years before having to leave for health reasons. During that time, I wore the makeup artists uniform of, all black, all the time. Now I feel weird even wearing a black shirt! Lol! I still do makeup, but I work for myself and have a completely vegan kit. Also comfort is key! Having fibromyalgia and chronic pain, I need to be comfortable. I need to be able to sit cross-legged on the ground and stretch at any given moment. I’m hyper sensitive to so many weird things. I moved to Florida because layering makes my whole body feel restricted and I have an extreme sensitivity to cold. I can’t really wear heels, although you may see me try once or twice a year. It’s really hard for me to be out of my custom orthopedics, so most of the time you’ll find me in sneakers. I sound like a old lady sometimes, lol.

Color can make you feel different ways, it has different effects on you, and those around you. I’m always like a walking piece of art in one form or another. I feel like it relates to my message in that way, and my message to always love yourself, do what makes you happy, and embody yourself fully, even if it’s different. I’ve been though literally every style in the book and always push the envelope. I was also bullied growing up for being so different. I never let that stop me from being myself. You must always shine bright as who you are, because that’s how you attract your blessings.

MC: What do you hope audiences gain from your music?

SL: I want people to feel good, to laugh, and be happy! I’m a huge goofball. You kind of have to picture me like a female Will Ferrell. My first two releases I put a hippy vibe to what you see in mainstream music today. A lot of music is about drinking at clubs, I switched it to popping open Bucha! Flossy is about wild’n out over crystals and their healing powers, as opposed to the songs about chains and negative materialism. I strive to craft positive lyrics because I know everything is energy, while still pushing an artistic line, and expressing true feelings, being a human being, and a spiritual being. Being down to earth like a Lotus, but up in the sky like a Sdar. Duality. I have a lot of fun doing different styles of music. You’re going to be seeing a lot of diversity. I just released my new single ‘Main Street’, which has a county/rock vibe with a trap beat behind it. I embrace all kinds of music and every facet of my being. For it has gotten me to where I am today. I also want people to know the power they have in their own lives. I always tell people, you can do absolutely anything you want. All it takes is the three ‘P’ s…. Practice, Patience, and Persistence. With just those three things, you can achieve anything you put your mind to! I love cheering people on to do what makes them happy, because that is your unique light only you can share!

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