Jonny Mora Delivers an Old School, New York Style Pizzeria with a Healthy Edge to Wynwood | Interview

As you walk through the doors of the former stage club Rene’s and pass the black walls full of colorful graffiti, you’ll smell the delicious and comforting aroma of fresh-baked dough.

“The Dough is the Canvas,” reads one of the artworks on the wall.  With passion and gusto in his hands, restaurant owner Jonny Mora molds each slice and pie into a work of art.


From creative, unique pizza flavors like Barbeque and Buffalo Chkn’ to more traditional types like Caprese and Cheese, he provides something tantalizing for everyone’s tastebuds at the New York-style pizzeria. The restaurant also serves barbeque wings, baked ziti, calzones, and fried Oreos, among other special items. And the best part of it all is that it’s all VEGAN!


A life-long chef, Jonny grew up in the kitchen since his family-owned pizzerias, but he is also passionate about art and music. He infuses his three main loves into the new pizza spot.

With a black-box stage, the pizza joint presents open mic nights featuring local musicians on Tuesday evenings.  Check out their Ig account mora_pizza for more information.

We got a chance to ask the pizza man himself a few questions:

Miami Chronicles: What led you to open this pizza spot? Did you intend to have it at a stage club? If so, what was your purpose in doing so?

Jonny Mora: The opportunity came about from this past Art Basel when I met my landlord through a pop-up event who enjoyed my vegan pizza, vibe, and vision for expanding Mora Pizza to Miami. It’s always been my full intention to incorporate three of my passions into one, Pizza, Art, and Music.

MC: When did you go vegan? What led to it?

JM: I went vegan 4 years ago, once I found I had high cholesterol and was ordered to take a statin medication prescribed by doctors to take care of my symptoms. I was told my cholesterol “ genetic “ and after researching the vegan Diet I went from 300 to 170 (150 is average) after 7 months. It’s been regulated since.

MC: What’s your favorite thing about pizza?

JM: It’s comfort food, pizza is universal and it can easily be turned into something you’d never imagine. Pizza is a way for me to express a “pizza” 😉my soul, passion, and creativity. My love for all cultures allows me to expand the pizza options that isn’t seen in a pizzeria anywhere else.

MC: What did you learn from your family business?

JM: Part Passion, Work Ethic, Foundation and other formulas for pizza success that are kept close in the family and with other successful pizzerias owned by friends of ours.

MC: How did they feel about the change in the family tradition?

JM: Wasn’t accepted or open-minded, but I feel most innovators aren’t.

MC:. What’s your most popular slice?

JM: Vegan Buffalo Chicken

You don’t want to miss out on this pie of happiness. Mora Pizza is located at

and they’re open until 9 PM
For more information visit 

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