Conscious Lyricist, Miranda Shines, Lives Up to Her Name | Interview

Miranda describes herself as a Conscious Lyricist on her Instagram page @miranda_shines . The enthusiastic, fun-filled rapper/poet is a multifaceted artist with added props in the areas of dance, modeling, singing, yoga, and fire spinning. With an upbringing in spirituality as she discussed in her interview with Radiance Magazine @radiancemagazinespiritual, the talented and upbeat young woman is paving a path of positivity for future rappers. Just like her name, she is shining a light in a dark world, so look out for her. Check out our interview with her below. She discusses her new albums, conscious art, and current events.

Photographer July Martini @g_alyoshka

Miami Chronicles (MC): What do you consider a conscious artist? What are some examples?

Miranda Shines (MS): I consider a conscious artist as someone who creates art, music, or content that portrays or delivers a message of truth and light to inspire and motivate others. I, for one, encourage others to embrace their darkness and grow from there as an origin point, because you must resolve all those past entanglements to truly flourish. After all, light cannot exist without darkness, good without evil, Yin without Yang. For Artists who paint, Vincent Van Gogh, Salvadore Dali and Alex Gray are definitely one of the most spiritual and conscious artists in the world. The words spiritual and conscious can be used interchangeably because they both mean being aware and connected with the world around us. These Icons of history were able to tap into their innermost selves and extract an invisible message, and display it for the world to see. Extraordinary.  

MC: What do you hope people get from your music?

MS: Hope is a powerful word. It is responsible for me being alive. Hope does not exist without faith in my heart. The more I transmute my experiences through frequencies and vibrations that resonate with others, I am already accomplishing more than I hoped for. My only goal in this life on this particular planet, is to fulfill God’s will for me. The stronger my spiritual foundation is, the more certain I am about the activities that transpire in my day to day. I gain an awareness and connection with those who want to grow with me and we make magic with music.  I hope for people to experience freedom, love, and intuition that helps them recognize their power to become grounded with a reality that speaks in their favor.

MC: How is your songwriting process? 

MS: I normally begin with feeling the song or the beat. I vibe with it, I freestyle to it, I hum to it, I dance with it. I identify my feelings with it and meditate. I ask myself a series of questions such as…What am I going through..What is the world going through…What can I do to speak with these people, How can I be vulnerable and share with them what is happening with me so that they understand. What is the theme? What is my story? Then I write! Pen to Paper, manifesting. I play with the words and the structure, the rhymes and the schematics. It’s such a fun process, and challenging at times. The more challenges I come across the more I learn and become better at writing songs.

MC: How did you create the song “Dehumanized?” What is it about? It seems to have come at the perfect time. 

MS: Honestly the song was created a few days after what happened with George Floyd. My entertainment lawyer called me and told me what happened because I was personally taking a break from the media and the news. I began to see the major impact it had on the world. It grew on me. A few days later I Read about Elija Mcclaine and I remember being disturbed by it. Then I heard an interview between the editor of Radiance magazine and a good friend of mine. They spoke about how the system wasn’t broken, it was built this way. It is the expansive & intricate system of dehumanization that was constructed to support white supremacy & Slavery. Racism and Genocide begins with dehumanization, thus the title was born.

MC: How do you manage to do so many things at once being a multi-faceted artist? 

MS: My manager once told me, “I can’t do it all.” I laughed because I am at an Apex in life where I have the power to manifest all my dreams and ambitions. My mentor drove it into me that it’s never too late to do what I want to do. My keyboard was pawned as a child and I frequently moved to different schools, so my violin and piano classes were compromised. Now I am attacking the keys and learning to play electric guitar by the end of the year. I created my first stencil out with a friend and spray painted it in Wynwood. The most exhilarating art form I do that captivates my audience most is Fire Spinning. I participate in other art forms such as creative photography, acting and dancing. When I put together my first crew to create a music video, I was told my leadership skills could potentially carve out a path into creative directing. I was entertained by this idea,  because my entire experience with the music video was successful and it created a beautiful harmonious team. This ultimately falls in line with my biggest project of all, Project Shines—which just recently evolved into Beyond Purpose.

BEYOND PURPOSE is more than just a Music Group or a Record Label.  It is a collective team of diligent masterminds whom are now consistently creating conscious content for the benefit of humanity. As we continue to grow, we continue to recruit, and bring life to many artistic ideas. Our vision is to serve the universe by creating as much content as possible to INSPIRE, bring people TOGETHER, and ultimately make a positive CHANGE in the world.

Since it takes about 9 years to master a skill, I prioritize what is most beneficial for my growth in this time. An example of how my week would be divided is, 1-2 hours of vocals daily (Vocal exercises, Freestyling, and Rapping), Fire Spinning practice 3X a week, Piano practice an hour daily, and Write, Write, Write, Read Read Read. Whether it’s studying the culture of music, writing songs, or my book. Knowledge is power.

MC: Projects in the works? 

MS: My next release will be an Ep titled ‘SOUL TREK’. I am working with a top billboard producer who is helping me define my sound and I have a team behind this Ep for promotion. Once this has been released, I will commence with my Upcoming album titled “REBORN’. Although, nearly done, I will fortify each song with the sound I am currently developing and have a music video for each as originally planned. I AM manifesting a series of music videos to cinematically aid the message I am delivering. Mind over matter.

For more information check out @miranda_shines on Ig and visit

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