Good Miami Project: Photographer Captures the Good in Miami

The grand, exquisite Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts presents Good Miami Project from photographer Greg Clark.

“Through my photography, I aim to capture the diversity of experiences and perspectives that make Miami a unique and vibrant place. I believe that by highlighting the many good things about Miami, I can help to build a more inclusive and equitable city for all.”

Greg Clark

His largest visual art exhibit to date showcases 60 Miami non-profit organizations doing good in town through 60 photographs. Clark was inspired by his own volunteer work with the Overtown Music Project.

Open until June of 2023, the display will be visible in the lobbies of the Arsht Center’s Knight Concert Hall and Ziff Ballet Opera House.

 I hope the Good Miami Project inspires others to look more closely at the world around them and find the good in their communities. I hope this project inspires more people to volunteer and support the work being done by these organizations.””

Greg Clark

“We are honored to showcase the work of Greg Clark as part of our mission to connect our community to not just the performing arts, but to all arts,” says Jairo Ontiveros, vice president of arts education and community engagement at the Center.

Each piece of the exhibit will be donated to the respective partner organization once the exhibit ends, serving as a lasting tribute to the work being done by these non-profits.

Here are a few of the highlights:

Since 2008, Guitars Over Guns has been empowering youth from vulnerable communities with music education and mentorship to overcome hardship.

Love the Everglades seeks to uplift the community into awareness and positive action to address the environmental, spiritual, cultural, and structural issues plaguing the Florida Everglades, which is at risk of extinction.

Green Haven Project creates sustainable ecosystems and community gardens in food deserts. They also teach residents in these areas generally situated in low-income neighborhoods how to grow plants, vegetables, and fruits.

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