Nothing But Good Vibes at the 9th Annual Yoga Expo South Florida

The Yoga Expo – A Celebration of Consciousness

Meditating in unison to the heart-beats of women in a goddess circle; learning how to chant using mala beads with Hare Krishnas; having an impromptu photo shoot with a boudoir photographer; dancing to the beat of African drums with a crowd of men, women, and children. 

What do these activities all have in common?  The Yoga Expo South Florida.  

Taking place last Saturday, Mar 18, 2023, from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm, at the Broward Convention Center, the expo was a fun-filled, activity-packed one-day meeting of conscious minds from all walks of life and areas of South Florida. There were unlimited classes for everyone, children and adults, from beginners to advanced yogis. In between classes, attendees enjoyed the sounds of musicians and sound healers on the main stage and engaged in an ecstatic dance with other high-vibing members of the yoga community. Many local entrepreneurs were present, showcasing their crafts including art, jewelry, clothes, and plant medicines, to name a few. Together, within the bounds of the brick and mortar, building everyone raised the vibration of the community to mimic the healing energy of Mother Earth. 

The Yoga Expo is owned by Arianne Traverso, a local leader in the yoga and wellness industry and the founder of Evolve Creative, a consulting and creative marketing agency,

Check out a photo gallery with featured activities from the amazing event. It is one that I highly recommend for everyone in South Florida to check out. Luckily, it happens every year. 

Photography by Alyse Vogt. Courtesy of the Yoga Expo South Florida

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