Letter From the Editor

From the editor, Monica Torres:

Miami Chronicles is an online arts magazine I founded in May 2017 for The Miami Chronicles Corporation, a non-profit organization whose mission is to support the arts for cultural evolution in the community. The magazine will provide a platform of expression, inspiration, and news-sharing for local artists and cultural engineers. Miami has many positive creative individuals including poets, writers, performers, business owners, dancers, yogis, visual artists, fashion designers, photographers, chefs, activists and musicians who are moving the city forward. Most  local media outlets focus on mainstream news and often overlook talent and merit for sensationalism.  Talented individuals need to have a platform to showcase their work because seeing others create provides one with the fuel to continue creating.

It is even more important to have safe, non-sexist, non-destructive, non-racist, nurturing and healthy environments in the community where all people can explore their creativity.  Many entertainment venues enable sexism, carnism, intoxication and other unhealthy behaviors.

Our mission is also to create spaces that honor all beings and Mother Nature, so conscious people from all walks of life may build a community that is committed to moving Miami forward into the light of creativity and away from the darkness of self-destruction.

As a local Arts and Culture Writer for over four years, I have published articles in miamiartzine.com, The Miami New Times, ArtSlantStreet.com, ArtSlant.com, Cultist, and Tropicult.com. During this time, I have witnessed the local arts scene explode into a supernova. The Miami Renaissance, as I like to call it, is alive and strong, so it should be chronicled, not only for present day artists but for the community of the future.

I have also witnessed destructive behaviors in the creative community.  Many the venues in the city are fueled by unhealthy behaviors, creating unsafe and sick environments. We are at a crossroads in time when a change is absolutely necessary to ensure the survival of our environment.

This time in history is also significant because the threat of climate change and sea level rise as all too real.  We need to evolve, especially in regards to their treatment of nature and animals in order to prevent further environmental degradation. Our treatment of nature and earth’s creatures is directly linked to how we treat our own bodies.

When people disrespect their bodies with unhealthy food full of animal products and drinks full of alcohol, they are treating their bodies like a graveyard not a temple. They are also, often unconsciously, supporting the suffering of animals in factory farms and environmental degradation.

In carnist mainstream environments, sexism breeds.  If we continue on this path of self-destruction, we will not survive. We are already evolving and waking up to the facts. Animal agriculture is the leading cause of climate change. A plant-based diet is the only sustainable diet for the future. Miami needs to rise up as a leader in this cultural evolution because of the threat global warming poses to the city.

The local arts scene is vitally interconnected with activism, bringing attention to issues affecting our community.  There is a strong community of conscious individuals striving to make the city healthier for all people and they are often overlooked by the sensationalist mainstream media, which is more focused on exploitative methods of making money than truth-seeking.  We need to create safe and healthy venues and spaces for the community. Cultural programming in the form of open mic events, conscious dining parties, literary magazine publishing and art exhibits for fundraising is also part of the organization’s mission.

Many artists are also activists or change makers because art stems from a freedom of self-expression and love of freedom. It nurtures individuality and acceptance of people’s differences.  Art also heightens sensitivity, emotion and empathy to all around, making one more attune to the environment.

Sharing art and newsworthy stories out about the arts is a crucial part of nurturing local culture.  Miami is a nexus of culture and art, attracting talent from all over the world to display their creations.

Art is a vehicle of cultural evolution. How else can we stand if not united? How else can we connect if we do not express? I challenge you to express yourself in The Magic City. I challenge you to wake up and evolve. I challenge you to rise up.
All material, writing, art and photography is © copyright The Miami Chronicles Corporation as of date published unless otherwise credited.