Letter From the Editor

From the editor, Monica Torres:

As a local Arts and Culture Writer since 2013, I have published articles in miamiartzine.com, The Miami New Times, ArtSlantStreet.com, ArtSlant.com, Cultist, and Tropicult.com. During this time, I have witnessed the local arts scene explode into a supernova. The Miami Renaissance, as I like to call it, is alive and strong, so it should be chronicled, not only for present-day artists but for the community of the future.

Miami Chronicles is an online arts magazine I founded in May 2017. We are a non-profit organization whose mission is to chronicle the local arts and culture for future generations and support the arts for cultural evolution in the community. The magazine provides a platform for expression, inspiration, and news-sharing for local artists and cultural engineers.

We seek to document the cultural renaissance that is now happening, often a response to the scientific evidence of an impending environmental crisis. Many young, conscious artists are leading the way toward enlightening others into living a more environmentally friendly life.

This time in history is also significant because of the threat of climate change and sea-level rise.  Many of our historical sites are threatened.  We need to evolve, especially in regards to our treatment of nature and animals in order to prevent further environmental degradation.

The local arts scene is vitally interconnected with activism, bringing attention to issues affecting our community.  We need to support safe spaces that enable creative expression in the community.

Art is a vehicle of cultural evolution. How else can we stand if not united? How else can we connect if we do not express? I challenge you to express yourself in The Magic City. I challenge you to stand up, evolve, and create.

If you are an artist, entrepreneur, or individual interested in sharing your story, please feel free to contact me at editor@miamichronicles.org

All material, writing, art, and photography is © copyright The Miami Chronicles Corporation as of the date published unless otherwise credited.