Letter From the Editor


As a local Arts and Culture Writer since 2013, I have published articles in miamiartzine.com, The Miami New Times, ArtSlantStreet.com, ArtSlant.com, Cultist, and Tropicult.com. During this time, I have witnessed the local arts scene explode into a supernova. The Miami Renaissance, as I like to call it, is alive and strong, so it should be chronicled, not only for present-day artists but for the community of the future.

I founded Miami Chronicles in May 2017 to provide an outlet for the local artistic community that is built on nurturing artistic development. The conscious online magazine provides a platform for news-sharing based on creative developments not exploitation for profit.

Miami has many talented individuals including artists, writers, performers, dancers, poets, visual artists, fashion designers, photographers, chefs, entrepreneurs, and musicians.  They are creating the new Miami, a more conscious “woke” Miami as a result of the threats to our environment due to sea level rise.

The local arts scene is vitally interconnected with activism, bringing attention to issues affecting our community.

Many artists are also activists or change makers because art stems from a freedom of self-expression and love of freedom. It nurtures individuality and acceptance of people’s differences. Art also heightens sensitivity, emotion, and empathy to all around, making one more attune to the environment.

Our mission is to support the arts for cultural evolution in the community.

Cultural programming in the form of open mic events, conscious dining parties, literary magazine publishing, educational meetings, and art exhibits is also part of our mission.

Art is a vehicle of cultural evolution. How else can we stand if not united? How else can we connect if we do not express? I challenge you to express yourself in The Magic City. I challenge you to open your mind and evolve. I challenge you to rise up.

All material, writing, art, and photography is © copyright The Miami Chronicles Corporation as of the date published unless otherwise credited.