Chronicling Fleeting Genius: Captures Miami’s Ephemeral Graffiti Art

Within galleries and museums hang traditional paintings and sculptures. Objects of permanency, these tangible works of art are visible to those with access to these establishments. Although urban art has gained credibility as fine art, it lacks the permanence that makes these masterpieces immortal.

The murals of today’s most talented artists are painted over on the streets within months of going up. In response to this situation, Miami native Robert William de Los Rios is giving a sort of permanence to the fleeting graffiti art of Wynwood, the capital of countercultural arts in Miami, Florida. About a month ago, Robert launched, an interactive website that documents the ever-changing murals in the Wynwood Arts District. Robert told me, “You can walk into a museum and see the Mona Lisa when you want, but there’s no place to see the street art that’s here one day and gone the next.”…….

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