Taste of the Arts: The Newsstand Serves Fresh Talent Every Thursday at Miami’s Financial Hub


“I wanted an eclectic mix of loosened ties and messy beards to share their love of art.” Marisabel Lavastida

In Miami, there are a lot of magical places. One such impressive location exists in the midst of pedestrian-noised, traffic-bustling Downtown Miami. Under an immense geometric, steel and glass space-framed canopy, a quaint tree-lined plaza unites the Southeast Financial Center (home to the second tallest skyscraper in Miami) with a charming row of outdoor cafes.

Sitting at one of the outdoor café’s round tables along the plaza’s gray and burgundy walkways, one is surrounded by the city’s grandest sites, making the center extraordinary. On Brickell’s south side, yachts are docked on the bay near the Epic luxury hotel and residencies. On Downtown Miami’s north-side, skyscrapers reach into the ether. With the plaza’s impressive sheltering architecture, which resembles the Louvre Pyramid in Paris, the financial focal point has been the scene of Hollywood magic, appearing in the Wesley Snipes’ film Drop Zone and 1980s television show Miami Vice…..

Read more of  “Taste of the Arts: The Newsstand Serves Fresh Talent Every Thursday at Miami’s Financial Hub,” published in the MiamiArtZine.com. 

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