Churchill’s Pub Just Turned 38, Plans to Make Improvements Indoors and Outdoors 

Churchill’s Pub just turned 38. On September 1, 2017, the bar celebrated their anniversary fete with a 3 day festival, with 3 stages, no cover the whole weekend long. There was all types of music and genres, DJs, bands, singer/songwriters.

It’s now been about two years since Dave Daniels, original owner of the punk palace, sold the establishment.  Since then, Churchill’s has seen a few changes.  One is that they usually had the Miami Rock Festival during the entire month of September.  Another is that some of the well-known bartenders and doormen (local celebrities like Mr. C and Nicky Bowe) who used to work there have moved on.  Mr C. and Nicky now run Las Rosas. But, the new Churchill’s owners pretty much kept the same recipe for success: loud music, grungy laid-back atmosphere, anything goes attitude.  If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right?

Well now, Churchill’s is evolving into a new era.  Some of the improvements include the food.  Lost and Found Saloon took over the kitchen after closing down their restaurant in Wynwood. They offer menu options like the vegan Black Bean Burger and the Sweet Potato Fries.   Now, since they have a restaurant in house, they need to upgrade the bathrooms. Two of the old bathrooms are going to be redone and they’re going to build one that’s accessible for wheelchairs.  Also, the little house in the back where Dave used to have his office is going to be demolished.

They also added a new room, “The Green Room,” which is not really green at all. It has a loungy vibe with a small stage and intimate seating area. Without chairs it’s a dance floor. It’s a new spot for the Monday night open mic Theatre de Undeground when it’s raining outside. (It’s usual spot is the outdoor stage) It provides a healthier environment for patrons because smokers are not prone to lighting cigarettes in there as they are at the bar, lined with black plastic ashtrays. There are some cool new murals in the room as well, one is of Churchill’s silhouette in a full yellow-white moon (pictured above) and the other of an electric guitar.  Kudos to you Churchill’s for the coming improvements.  I hope you keep evolving and I’m looking forward to seeing the upgrades.

Speaking of guitars, Here’s some Guitar! from last Monday night’s Theater de Underground.


This video doesn’t exist




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