Hurricane Irma: Landscape at Rickenbacker Key Altered / Beach, Roads and Trail Damaged

The Rickenbacker Key is a five mile long expanse of beach along the Rickenbacker Causeway, which leads to Key Biscayne.  There is parking along the Key and it’s always packed on the weekends with people cycling, jogging, sunbathing, BBQing, and fishing off the pier, (to my chagrin). Well, there was…..Thanks to Irma, my favorite running spot–The Rickenbacker Trail-is a mess.  And the popular beach is altered forever. The hurricane spread some of the sand from the beach over the road and the water moved closer to the road.  So there is not much space to sunbathe now or practice Santeria, as some of the locals do. Yes, I found a dead beheaded chicken and candles once. The road was also damaged. The bricks were uprooted and scattered, and the trees alongside knocked down. 

I went there on my last stop before the storm. I wanted to catch some of the cool pre-storm wind before hunkering down for a few days. There were a few people out collecting sand and getting a last run or bike ride in before having to hide away. I even saw a group of guys going into the evacuation zone at Key Biscayne with surfboards. I had a feeling it was going to altered.  Here are the before and after pictures.

Intact Road Prior to Hurricane Irma

The Calm Before the Storm at the Beach

Sand, Seaweed, and Debris on the Road / No More Beach
The broken trail isn’t going to stop us from coming out to run.


Sand Scattered Along the Road

Woman Running Along Road Where Beach Used to Be

Man Overlooks Altered Landscape Where Vast Sand Bar Was Before Storm
Unfortunately, like many of the public parks and beaches in Miami, the Key is filled with litter. Maybe this is nature’s way of sending us a signal that we need to clean up and stop trashing her.  I wonder what the city is going to do about this area. I hope they fix the trail up soon, but I am sure the beach will closed for some time to come given that the roads are so damaged. 

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