Coconut Grove’s Community Leaders Banded Together to Help Neighbors in Irma Aftermath |Photo Gallery

Coconut Grove was one of the areas most afflicted by Hurricane Irma. The Category 4 hurricane knocked down many of the trees in the area and damaged power lines.  Some parks like Alice Wainwright Park, right at the entrance of the oldest inhabited neighborhood in Miami, have been closed since she hit.  Since this neighborhood is so close to the bay, there was also some flooding and damage to boats along with marina on Bayshore Drive.  Local photographer, teacher, writer and also a Miami chronicler Adam Schachner, who lives in the Grove, documented the area on the Monday following the storm. Here are some of his shots.


The majority of the residents of the Grove were out of power for a little over a week.  But luckily a few community leaders joined forces and brought residents together to clean up in the storm’s aftermath and come to their aid . There was a street clearing and an ice delivery led by Commissioners Russell and Suarez.



It’s great to see a community come together and help each other during times of distress! Kudos to you Coconut Grove!

All pics courtesy of Adam Schachner

Follow him @miamiparkingheroes and @dogsof305

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