Even the Butterflies Were Friendly, Fractal Beach 2018: A Truly Transformational Festival | Review


As I walked into the festival grounds of the historic Virginia Key Beach, the location of Fractal Beach 2018, last Sunday afternoon, a small group of festival goers, two men with their two kids, walked up next to me. One of the kids looked up at me, waved his hand, and said “Hi.”It’s not often that strangers young or old greet me, especially not in Miami. So, I knew the festival, which had started Friday afternoon, was going to be special.

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Everyone was super friendly from the get go: the gal at the box office who got me my pass, the guys at the gate checking it, the vendors and the participants, a few my friends from the conscious arts community.


I made my way towards the Butterfly Dome Experience. I recently visited the Butterfly Exhibit at Fairchild Tropical Botanical Gardens, a tropical butterfly habitat enclosure at the thirty-four acre oasis. If you are very lucky, one of the winged creatures will land on you for a just a few seconds but rapidly flutter away before you’re able to capture them in a photograph or in any way.  In the dome, decorated with colorful butterfly tapestries and bright flowers, monarch butterflies were flying around, but they were also doing something surprising. They were hanging out on people’s skin or chilling on a chunk of fruit.


A older man with a huge smile came up to me right away and handed me a small piece of grapefruit with a butterfly on it.  Being the owner of the dome, he explained that they get only native butterflies shipped into the dome because they are all released at the end of the day. One makes a wish upon releasing their butterfly. I had to coax mine off my hand because it seemed to want to stay.  I won’t tell you my wish.  Butterflies are symbols of change. And this festival definitely was a transformational experience. Just from meeting such warm, friendly people and spending the whole day basked in such good vibes surrounded by music, art, and higher living at a beautiful beach-side park, I felt changed– freer and more alive. I will never forget it.


Even the butterflies are friendly, I thought. Or, maybe they were on a sugar high, their mind’s altered with feel-good substances (perhaps just Vit. D from the sun) like some of the festival’s other outgoing flower children.


At any festival, there is no better drug than music. And with five stages, everyone was high on the uplifting sonic vibes.  “One good thing about music when it hits you feel no pain,” said Bob Marley.  The music at Fractal Beach was mind-blowing, . Here’s Psychic Dove performing “New Age Daydream.”  Like Marley, he expresses messages of love and peace.

The performance by Papadosio can only be described as epic:

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Beachfront yoga, live art installations, workshops and conscious vendors created an environment full of art, free expression, high vibrations.



One of the best parts about Fractal Beach 2018, something that set it apart from the other festivals like Love Burn and Flow Fest, was the presence of conscious food vendors.


Well Love Burn doesn’t count because they don’t sell anything. But Fractal Beach had great, healthy options for all festival goers, especially those from the conscious artistic community who trend towards eating plant-based diet.


There were many vegan options including Free Lovin’ Foodery with a delicious Vegan Curry Bowl and out-of-this-world Galactic Beans and Rice.


Farmer’s Mixes had Exotic Cucumber, Green Mojito, and Farmer’s Martini , amazing healthy juices with an alcohol option, and Karmacrons’  all vegan and gluten free rolled ice cream, cookie dough, macorons, and mochi made my night.


I almost died. The Neapolitan macaron was so good. It was the best one I have ever had, and the first vegan one.


The festival was even cooler at night because that’s when the lights and fire came on around the campsites.

Check out videos of Some of fire performers that electrified audiences.

 Desert Dwellers

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I highly recommend the festival to everyone. There were so many other amazing acts not mentioned, and I am definitely looking forward to it next year.

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  1. Thank you so much for visiting the Butterfly Dome Experience and witnessing the magic that the butterflies bring.
    The article was tremendous.
    Again thx
    Butterfly rob
    The older gentleman. Lol

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