Local Sultry Songstress Dama Vicke, Haunting, Beautiful and Powerful in Imaginative New Video for “Point of Inflection” | Interview

“You played me dirty, now you wanna be with me. It’s too late,” sings the chanteuse Dama Vicke in a powerful, haunting and melodic voice that leaves one in awe due to the sheer beauty, magic and strength of it.  Here is a picture of her with her dog Kiki, inspired by Hayo Miyazaki from Kiki’s Delivery Service.


Photographer Alexey Taran

Most of us can relate to feeling this way due to a love affair gone awry.  In the song, “Point of Inflection,” from the EP of the same name, the singer/songwriter of Mexican origin finally garnishes the inner strength to let go of a toxic relationship once and for all.  In the music video / short film below, she is seen underwater taking off her clothes as she shed’s layers of her past. The EP, which was released last March, consists of five songs, some in English and others in Spanish. Unity not DisgracePoint of Inflection, Siempre es Nada, and You’re not a Ghost.

EP Album Art Photography by Jaqueline Soir and Graphic Design by Alex Izaguirre from Mamut Creative

Her voice is familiar, reminding one of a famous singer: Bjork, Fionna Apple, Mazzy Star. But one can’t pinpoint the exact person as she sounds completely original. She sounds like a cross of the three, yet completely herself.  The artist, who was inspired by Can, David Bowie, Lhasa de Sela, Pink Floyd, Charles Mingus, Christina Rosenvinge, Fiona Apple, Pj Harvey, Komeda, Blonde Redhead, describes her sound as “dark, jazzy, introspective, pop, experimental, folk.”

With her short black hair, she reminds one of a starlet, and her latest music video displays her skills as an actress.  Though the force of her vocals is enough to make one feel deep sensations, the images in the video, directed by Carla Forte, allow viewers to perceive the drama.  Along with the costume and setting, the film makers create a visual story of romance, mystery and darkness. It’s such a great narrative of cinematic imagery that it was screened at O, Cinema on Wednesday February 7, 2018 at “I”m Not Going to Move to L.A.,” hosted by Filmgate Miami, along with a series of other short films.

Credits: music by Dama Vicke, pre-production and co-produced by @javierguell and Dama Vicke, mixed and produced by @roger_iz @earplaystudio.
Video directed by Carla Forte, produced by @alexeytaran, director of Photography Pedro Guevara @theyephone, makeup and hairstyle Marcos Duran @marcdur , wardrobe and style @tankovitz .
Actors: @roger_iz @deebertoldi @javierguell @paulamarfilmusic and Dama Vicke @damavicke.

I got the chance to check out Dama, who looked like a bad ass with a guitar, at Words and Wine on January 24th.


This video doesn’t exist

I also got to chat with her and ask her a few questions:

Monica Torres: When did you start singing and writing songs?

Dama Vicke: I started when I was very young, I always felt very passionate when singing my favorite artist’ songs. I used to sing  in front of the mirror and invent songs and lyrics. My uncle had a rock band so when I was around six years old, he would take me to his concerts, and sometimes he would bring me to the stage to sing in front of his audience.

MT: Tell us a little about your background, where you grew up, ect?

DM:  I was born in Mexico City. I grew up there  until I was eight. I lived in Las Vegas, and then moved back to Mexico.  Then at thirteen, I moved to Miami. I was zig zagging between cities for a long time until I met Javier.
MT: How have you been influenced by the country that you came from (Mexico)?
DM: Yes. In all the years that I have lived in US there hasn’t been a day where I don’t think about my country. I live and continue to be who I am today.
MT: What would you say to young women trying to make it in the industry?
DM: It’s a tough industry especially working independently, however it’s very rewarding to see how the growth of the roots you have been planting for a long time. It might sound like a cliché but the “don’t stop, keep going, believe in yourself, love what you do” does work! So everyday I say that to my self. In the end the only true motivation comes within. So, never doubt yourselves and if you do, push yourself hard to get out of whatever is blocking you.
MT: What do you want readers to know about Dama Vicke?
DM: I’m a passionate honest artist. My work depicts my true life.  I have no intentions of writing fictional stories or catchy choruses.  I’m all about writing a melody so someone else can feel my emotions and identify themselves through my music and work. I like encouraging others to do the same, it’s sane and keeps me happy.
Dama Vicke’s music definitely allows one to feel, identify and relate.  Don’t miss her upcoming live performance at Churchill Pub’s on Sunday February 11, 2018 at The Black Market at 9:00 PM.
She’s also putting together a mini tour in Mexico and the U.S, working on new songs for a second EP with her seven member band, and hopefully releasing an album next year.
Continuing her collaboration with filmmaker Carla Forte, she co-wrote a song with another local singer/songwriter Omar Roque for one of the director’s upcoming films Elefante. Here is a video of them performing the song of the same name live at Words and Wine.


This video doesn’t exist

Live Videos from Miami Chronicles

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