Marcus Blake’s c.ART.el Pushes Art in Latest Group Show | Mini-Doc & Interview

Contributed by Rolando Alexxis

“I am a paintbrush in the creator’s hand.” Marcus Blake

I first met Marcus Blake during the Rebel Empire performances at The Stage. Since then his art has captivated me.  This interest led me to extravagant gallery nights and an honest, real, and rebellious open mic ‘The Portal” at his house north of Wynwood. 

His art can be seen all around Miami including at the CIC, a conscious co-working space where we Miami Chronicles and Red Owl Media (formerly Taolevizion) have our headquarters. (See my tour of CIC in the mini-doc below).

One can also check out his art at his latest event, where he is curating the work of other local artists Dorvilier Olivier and Jasmine Nicole. “In Art We Trust,” will take place this Friday the 13th at 40 NE 54th Street.


Why the name c.ART.el you may ask? As Kevington Burrows, a member of C.ART.el, said, “It’s because we are moving art like its weight.” Weight refers to “illegal” substances in the colloquial sense. Kevington Burrows was an excellent host at their last event. He shared much of his time with me as you will see in my mini-doc below, a sneak peek into “In Art We Trust” from Red Owl Media. I also give a small tour of the CIC at the end. 

I also got a chance to conduct a brief interview with Marcus Blake about the event. Check it:

Rolando Alexxis: How was c.ART.el formed? Whats the inspiration behind it?

Marcus Blake: Cartel was formed out of the necessity to be organized in the Miami art community.

It is better to pool our creative resources then to deplete them.

RA:  Is it a collaborative effort?

MB: Cartel is it collaborative effort between different artists from backgrounds and mediums. All members of cartel can submit projects to be worked on by as a whole.

RA: Whats the purpose behind “In Art We trust?” Why should we trust art?

MB: “In Art We Trust” is the current slogan and theme for the upcoming event. As an artist all trust has to be put into art. there’s nothing else to believe in.

RA: It appears that Dorvilier Oliver, and Jasmine Nichole regularly featured. Who are they?

MB: Dorvilier Oliver and Jasmine Nichole are talented and passionate artists/painters and also dedicated members of the they will be featured along side other painters filmmakers performance artist ect. As the the collective grows leading up to our Art Basel show case. Follow them and @jasminenicholeart

RA: Do you consider yourself a conscious artist?  Why do you consider yourself a conscious Artist?

MB: Yes I consider myself a conscious artist. “Know thyself. I’m not sure what a conscious artist is. Because all who are connected to the creative Force must have some certain level of consciousness to manifest “art work”.I am conscious that all creation comes from the Creator. I am a paint brush in the masters hand.


“I am a Jamaican-born, Miami-based multimedia artist. My work includes poetry, street art, fashion, performance, event coordinating and visual art. The interest, need and love for creativity began as an early teen. It was the greatest and healthiest way to express and interpret my life at the time, and it stuck with me until now. Creating is my life. My poetry expresses social injustices, personal experiences and the common struggle of everyday life. My street artwork reflects bright colors as well as intricately mixed vivid geometric patterns. I call this method “Tapenology.” I am influenced by the sequence of nature and the tropical landscape as well as the architecture of Miami. My work can be seen all throughout the streets of Miami. My other artworks consist of intricate collages and acrylic on canvas.” #mdotblake


Slave to Creation, Alfred DuPont Building, Miami FL 2018

Rebel Renaissance, The Vagabond, Miami FL 2012

Loft Souls, Wynwood Lofts, Miami FL 2011


Renegade Art Space, Miami Beach 2017

Little Haiti Cultural Arts Center, Miami 2015

The Bridge, The Bridge Art Space, Miami FL 2014

Wynwood University Group Show, Mana Wynwood, Miami FL 2013


Private Collection, New York

Private Collection, Miami Fl 2014-2017

Private Collection, Houston TX 2013

Private Collection, San Diego CA 2008


“Portal Open Mic” featured in an episode of “No Passport Required with Chef Marcus Samuelsson”, 2018

“Portal Open Mic”, Mdotblake, Inc., Miami, FL 2018

Live painting mural for Greenpeace 2017

“The Portal”, B.A.S.E. Art Space, Miami, FL 2017

Photos courtesy of Marcus Blake














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