Flamingos Vintage Pound Grand Opening: Saving the Planet with Conscious Fashion | Photo Gallery

Monica (Vega) Torres,  Editor of Miami Chronicles

On Saturday, September 22nd,  Flamingos Vintage Pound opened its doors in the Fashion Allapattah Design District (FAD.D.) across the street from Las Rosas. The new Miami store is not the only Flamingos. There are outlets in Manhattan, Houston, New Mexico and Barcelona. The power couple behind the store bring a love of vintage to the community with affordable and unique fashion items from the 50s beat style to the 90s disco revival, all the while keeping a distinct flair.


A DJ spun hit songs from the 70s and 80s such as “Bohemian Rhapsody” while customers shopped for cool, recycled digs.


The racks are filled with great finds for both men and women from as little as $1 a piece, while most pieces are sold by the pound at 10.99/lb. Check it out.


Some amazing food trucks were on site including The New Vegan from Vegans Gone Wild. They served up a delicious chkn’ and rice dish with a tasty side salad. Chef Rahein Jones has definitely got some flavor, and, of course, the food is guilt-free, healthy, conscious, cruelty-free, and good for the planet. They just opened a new cafe in the Upper East Side called the Vegan Art Cafe. I highly recommend them.




Pure Brazilian Coconut Water was also on site giving out some delicious samples of their flavored coconut water. For each bottle sold of PBCW the creators under the stewardship of CEO Founder Rob Paladino is replanting 1 square foot of the Amazon Rain Forest.

The store is located at 791 NW 29th Street.

Photo Gallery Courtesy of Bianca M Studios.


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