Start the New Year with a New Year’s Om! Inhale Miami Provides a Wellness Alternative to Traditional New Year’s Eve Festivities

Contributed by Riko Chirito

Ahhhhh, inhale a breath of fresh air. Vibe to a delicious energy. Create a peaceful mind. One finds it easy to indulge in these pleasures at this special venue located in the heart of culturally enriched Little Haiti.

It has been three years since owner Rikki Kamensky opened the doors to this wonderful yoga studio. But unlike any other studio in Miami, Inhale Miami was designed to harbor an eclectic assortment of community events.
At Inhale, one might explore the incredible openness and bewilderment of Ecstatic Dance – a spectacle that transports its participants into a trance-like state of judgment-free dancing.

Charming marketplaces with local artisans, ceremonies that honor ancient traditions, such as the sipping of Cacao, and black-lit neon yoga parties are some of the other unique experiences one might discover at Inhale.

It feels like family. It’s a place to just be and feel welcomed.  As a member and frequent guest at the studio, I’ve had incredible experiences at Inhale. I’m so happy Rikki has overcome all obstacles to keep this place open for the benefit of the community.

It has not been all peace and meditation for her at the beloved space. During its three years in operation, the studio has faced many challenges, especially fitting in a neighborhood that fears gentrification. However, through it all, founder Rikki accredits the love from the community as the reason she has surpassed all obstacles.

Inhale is currently open and offering special events, which can be found on their website,

Their next big public event will take place on New Year’s Eve.  New Year’s Om will provide a wellness-oriented evening for those looking to escape the traffic heavy areas and intoxicating party atmospheres.

Set an intention for the coming year full of wellness and surrounded by like-minded individuals seeking to manifest their highest selves and fulfill their dreams in 2019.

Watch the following link to see Inhale on the local news.

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