‘Landscapes’ at Artechouse: Technology Meets Art with Interactive Installations

Landscapes’ at Artechouse A Mind Blower

Interactive, Innovative Platforms Immerse Audience

Music guides your senses along the way as each molecule is stimulated with a melodic element. Star shapes in darkness sense your arrival. They meld to your vibrations. New constellations arise from your motion.

“I met a piano player who was self-taught who said he learned it through math,” Tati Pastukhova, the Co-Founder of Artechouse, told me as we stood conversing while seeming to float into the fantasy world of magic created by Julius Horsthuis @julius.horsthuis. He used math and geometry for “Fractal Journey,” an immersive virtual reality installation. It is currently on display at Artechouse along with “XYZT Abstract Landscapes,” the main exhibit from Adrien M & Claire B at the new innovate art space @artechouse on South Beach.

Earlier that week, a guitarist friend told me that playing was kind of mathematical, and the chef at the new vegan spot told me that everything in nature is made up of the numbers 3, 6, 9.

Surely the universe must be trying to tell me something through these synchronicities. Evidently, being asked to visit this exhibition, inspired by mathematical variables, and talk to Pastukhova about the same ideas seemed others had presented to me must have been also programmed by a higher order. It’s as if we are all in a sacred matrix and art is finding a way to express the miracles of nature in innovative ways.

South Beach’s latest art exhibition space Artechouse inspires feelings of mystery and enchantment about the nature of creation. It bridges the gap between the latest technology and visual art. As Pastukhova explained: “We are an innovative art space dedicated to artists who work with technology as a medium to create. We created an innovative platform for the 21st-century artist to be able to share their work with a 21st-century audience.”

“XYZT Abstract Landscapes” is the @artechouse current exhibit. There are 10 installations. Most are interactive and based on mathematical equations as they are perceived and manifested in nature. Black and white, the performances haunt you with a sense of the unknown exactness of the universe, vast, mysterious, and interconnected.

“Technology is used very heavily in our everyday lives. And for us technology is the future of the arts. It’s that new medium artists are picking up to create. It allows new possibilities. It allows for the art to be no longer a passive 2D element but an interactive 3D experience,” expressed Pastukhova.

Artechouse originated in Washington, D.C., in 2017 and came to Miami in December 2018. They came here because “the cultural arts scene has really been growing here over the past few years especially with art fairs that have brought a lot of attention and also support for artists and community. We want to be somewhere we can inspire. We have a three-fold mission: to educate, inspire and empower,” said Pastukhova.

Visit the interactive art space with lots of time to play with the installations but also to learn more about them. Each one has an explanation of the elements behind the artwork, from kinetic motion to x, y, z, t variables, in an adjacent module with headphones.

Artechouse is located at 736 Collins Ave., Miami Beach. Sessions are every 60 minutes. Tickets are $24 for adults, students and seniors (65 plus), $20, children, 2 to 14, $17; Admission is daily beginning at 11 a.m. through 11 p.m. Guests should arrive at least 10 minutes ahead of visit. For info and tickets, go to www.miami.artechouse.com.

Phototography credit: Vithaya Phongsovan

Written for miamiartzine.com

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