“Everglades Kiss” and “The Rapture of Dance”: Two Poems by Flash

Everglades Kiss

The river of grass waves with ingrained synergy
lifeblood of Florida, nurturing a web
porous limestone shapes caverns and underground portals
subterranean nexus holding echos of primordial times – and the future.
Water pulses with machines now – previously free,
liberation reflecting Earth tones – currently constrained.
A once rippling ecosystem, subdivided with districts, directors and dollars,
canals redirect and intersect, but changes have unintended after effects.
In and out – sewers and spouts, balancing chaos of floods and droughts,
yet that green still sways with floral cascades, enriched by sunshine and rain.
Water unites us, the land sustains us, and the roots entwine our spirits robust.
Level terrain, vastness along the watery plains, secret treasures hidden yet claimed
a domain of thriving history, deepening the contours with heredity,
so glide with the glades, weave through the blades, then shelter soothed in the shade.
Above the Sun steams, reptile schemes, swimming under reflective beams.

Aeric Moskowitz Photography 2020

The bugs breed and others feed, foundations of life’s intricacies,
generational decrees, sprouting with the seeds.
Circling the trees, the birds flow with the breeze,
landing gingerly, looking for something to eat.
Below the fluid sheen, fish flourish and teem,
– and some are better at avoiding the hooked gleam.
Mingling in the foliage, under the cover of textured leaves,
bats, panthers and bees, explore the undergrowth of shadowed canopies.
Along the shifting sprawl, critters scamper and crawl,
large or small, the rhythms effects us all.
As the distant horizon recedes, meandering miles careen,
blending skies of dreams into a never ending stream.
Within the realm, ancient islands dwell,
sanctuaries for animals, people and plants medicinal.
Breathe deep and feel the clean in the air – nature filters as the calm enters
emptiness purifies, energies harmonize, tap in and photosynthesize
combine with the green divine, elevate chlorophyll raw sublime,
soak in the vitality with heightened vibes….
A rumble in the yonder, adds a pause to the ponder,
as the tone grows dark and the lightning sparks.
Announcing the rain, as the clouds drain – along the swelling banks,
renewal perpetual, cycle essential, nourishment fundamental.
Soil enriched for roots drenched, plants quenched, peaking blossoms fragrance,
light air wisps, Everglades kiss, coalescing senses, transcendental bliss.
And sadly, it is all at risk, endeavors thought clever, have been remiss,
succumbed to greed of toxic feed, the wildlands are forced to concede.
The roads erode with heavy loads, spewing from the agricultural commodes,
pipes and pollution, problems and solutions, looking for justice within resolutions.
Threats of corporate conquests, society left in distress, as water quality becomes less.
Homes have grown where the deer once roamed, and now only the elders have known.
Worse yet, fracking and drilling, leads to spilling and killing, with consequences chilling.
Now we must shift from this drift, give consciousness a lift, cherish life as a gift.
With the greenwave aligned, our solidarity combined, we reach for salvation unified.
It is a struggle and we must be brave, because the Everglades must be saved!

Denise Marino Photography

The Rapture of Dance

Babump, babump, babump, babump, babump……
The beat of your heart pumps essence throughout your body
before sight and taste, there were echos, a pulse of movement
before standing and crawling, we danced in the womb

Now with more space to play, let your arms and legs sway,
music opens doors unbound, inspiration connecting souls to sound.
Bliss springs forth within the songs, a reflex, a nexus, shimmying strong,
so release the tension and soothe, let your body move, as you tune with the groove.

Lifted by the ambiance around,
the radio, a CD, a DJ, whatever form streaming out.
Sometimes it is the melody in your head,
opening memories of joys and dreads.
Frequencies permeating the mind and spine,
muscles flex and stretch, as your spirit shines.
Even in silence, dance harmonizes truth,
a core reflection, articulating humanity imbued.

Yet nothing compares to a live band, small or grand,
delivering sensations you feel and understand.
Absorbing waves of sound, converging compound,
connecting inflections as mass synergy resounds.
As you infuse your bones with rhythms and tones,
embrace the depth of the familiar unknown
Linking motions with emotion, clarity expressing devotion,
cleansing the sedation, with focused meditation.

With skills honed and muscles grown,
talent lifts some to a featured zone,
as a shining spotlight mirrors a throne.
A fusion of grace and control,
sharpened with rehearsals’ toll,
enduring emergence to reach the goals.
Yet true intimacy is key,
sensual balance of creativity,
personalizing flair externally,
while on the stage shimmering.

Dance embodies the ethereal, reverberating the intangible, exploring tempos universal….
Meshing frequencies and paradigms, penetrating history and time,
while transcending languages sublime, combined unspoken and divine,
naturally syncing unified, an impulse when words do not align.

When dance sparks energized, a channel internal intensifies, glowing reflective individualized,
unscripted and improvised, or practiced and stylized, as a voice conveyed to others’ eyes,
Exposed and composed, enticing many in the throes, projecting a flow only some truly know,
stature embodied with a glance, capturing nimbleness and chance, experiencing the rapture of dance.

For more poetry from Flash visit his page on Facebook.

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