Protesters Send Powerful Messages of Peace on the Streets of Miami| Photo Gallery

Contributed by Irian Córdoba (Abranel Productions) | Photographer

“No man is an island entire of itself” John Donne

Everyone was feeling the injustice that transpired in Minneapolis in recent days. I walked into Roots Miami Kava and I could see the worry and sadness on people’s faces. Another innocent black man dead at the hands of a white police officers. Everyone was talking about it but a few brave people took action.

According to one of the brave protesters, photographer Irian Cordoba who captured these images, “The protest was well organized and the leaders were maintaining peace the entire time but there were some outraged individuals who believed that the protestors needed to face the police officers.”

The protestors sent their messages through posters mostly in a peaceful manner but the police was prepared for any violence. Cordoba continued “There was a moment when I feared for my life. All of the police offers started placing their gas masks on and were getting ready to throw tear gas while protesters were asking for a moment of silence.”

“I witnessed how police officers were trying to corner all the protestors and block their every way, all while they were trying to protest peacefully by Biscayne Blvd and 36th st,” she further described.

Check out the rest of her gallery below:

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