Locust Projects: Testing the Boundaries of Art in the 305

“All idea of limit was lost so that there seemed no boundary save the darkness of space.” The quote is a translation of something Franz Liszt is said to have written about a house concert by Frédéric Chopin. It describes one of the sound projects currently making noise at Locust Projects. Originating from the imagination of artist collective The 181, The Absolute Value of Infinity on Its Side (O Dissipation) encompasses a series of programs throughout March at the experimental art house.

“The stars are matter. We’re matter, But it doesn’t matter,” Come Cosmiche. Experimental platform from Milan, Come Cosmiche, a pioneer in the Miami noise scene, Rat Bastard, and other musicians are participating in the experiment of sound. Rat Bastard will spin vinyl records on an antique recording machine in a series of sessions. They will create an orchestra of sonic stimuli that will test the boundaries of perception. 

The 181 at Locust Projects (World Red Eye)

Andrea Sofia R. Matos , Arts & Philanthropy Assistant at Locust Projects, described the artist collective at the opening reception: “So the 181 group is a very interesting group of individuals that bases their overall practice on scientific and artistic research and creates incredibly interesting artworks, installations and performances based on this research. Before the reception they specified, to the administration at Locust, that they needed certain materials in the room: a ladder, a rug and some shelves, all placed parallel to one another. They also told us they would arrive thirty minutes before the reception began. They maintained a mysterious aura surrounding what they were going to do and even what their performance was going to look like. Once they arrived, they began bringing other materials to their designated project room and commencing their performance which included movement with the materials, phrases/speech, analog photographs, strobe lights and even sound. Their performance lasted the entirety of the reception and it was absolutely incredible to witness.”

Leila Weefur’s PLAY†PREY (World Red Eye)

“We go to the cinema to escape so that the film can swallow you whole and let your daily life dissolve.” Artist Leila Weefur presents PLAY†PREY, a multi-channel film experience. They recount their experience as a queer kid in the Christian church. They explore the relationship between God, the Church, and a queer Black child through striking imagery.


Leila Weefur’s PLAY†PREY

Continuing the concept of sound restructuring life, the collective Sonic Insurgency Research Group explores ideas of how sound and noise play a role in social power in “If the Source is Open (Megamix).” They will also present a series of events throughout the month of March that will explore the cultural indications of sound. 

Sonic Insurgency Research Group’s Josh Rios (World Red Eye)

Alexandra Contreras the Communications Coordinator at Locust Projects told us more about the opening night: “A few hours after landing in Miami, the 181 collective arrived at Locust Projects dressed in construction gear, ready to begin their new hybrid Art on the Move project and set up basecamp in our Screening Room. The installation process happened during the opening reception and served as the first activation of their project- they vacuumed the floor, carried in slate, hid and moved under a quicksand carpet, climbed stairs, etc – all while using only headlamps. In March, the 181 will continue to activate the Screening Room space and do other activations in and around Miami in collaboration with other artists.

While the 181 was presenting their activation, the members of Sonic Insurgency Research Group (Josh Rios, Matthew Joynt, and Anthony Romero) met guests and talked to them about their exhibition, mostly while standing or sitting on top of the platform that’s the centerpiece of the show. Leila Weefur was also there meeting guests and showing them their show in the Project Room.” 

For more information on the series of events taking place in March and a photo gallery of the opening night visit Locust Projects

All media courtesy of Locust Projects

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