Modern Interpretation of Van Gogh is Magical

The curators of the Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience – Miami – created an enchanting environment that took guests away to another land and time: It is Arles, France 1888. Through fields of lavender and rows of sunflowers, one glides towards starry skies on VR wings.

Inspiration is the main current running through the electric waves that ignite the technology at the Olympia Theater. The historic performing arts center from the roaring twenties is home to the Immersion. Among its gilded balconies and canopy skies, the Exhibition Hub brought the peasant painter’s world-renowned paintings to life. Over 200 works are incorporated into the multidimensional exhibition.

Technology Enhanced Sunflowers

A series of rooms encompass various realms of the artist’s creative imagination. One section is dedicated to Van Gogh’s iconic sunflowers.

The stage of the antique theater was converted into a relaxing lounge with bean bags. Around the walls, imagery was projected. A documentary film took attendees on a voyage through the painter’s mind. One fun fact is that Vincent had a passion for all things Japanese.

Projection Room

Hosts gave guests Japanese rose flower tea at the entrance. The Immersion stimulated all the senses. It is highly recommended for everyone including kids.

Photo Gallery

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