With her Delicious Cuisine, Local Plant-Based Chef Pamela Wasabi Invites Us to Respect Mother Nature | Interview


“I want to wake up the collective consciousness of our humanity to invite us to live in unity and harmony with Nature” -Pamela Wasabi


With recent hurricanes, Mother Nature has dealt us a few blows. Perhaps she is angry about something. Some might say that she’s coming at us with a vengeance for wrecking her landscapes, destroying her creatures, polluting her spheres, and downright showing her no respect. Others might say personifying nature is a fallacy, and natural disasters have wreaked havoc on humans since the beginning of time. Both have a point. Nevertheless, no one can deny that our modern life has been built around the dominion of nature, and unfortunately, this has led to much of its destruction. Most of the destruction of the planet is a result of what humans are choosing to consume–namely, animals. The animal agriculture industry is the leading cause of rainforest destruction, other habitat destruction, water depletion, water pollution, and greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere. The result of this environmental degradation is global warming, which is leading to the sea level rising, making the recent storms so troublesome for our region.

If you look around at most of the litter at local public parks or beaches, you find fast food bags, junk food wrappers and plastic containers. People disrespect their bodies, disrespect animals and in turn disrespect the environment. Eat a banana and throw away the peel. You nourish your body and the earth. If you care about the environment, respect the earth, and revere living creatures, the best thing you can do is adopt a plant-based diet. Put your consumer dollars to work for the earth. We need to breed more plants instead of methane producing cows, bring more oxygen to the earth, instead of cutting down the rain forests to raise cattle, stop killing the earth’s creatures, and depleting the oceans–it’s really just common sense. Without common sense, humans are not going to survive on the planet as the population grows. A plant-based diet is also healthier for you and kinder to animals. Through her creative and delicious nourishment, local vegan chef Pamela Wasabi invites us to do respect nature. This is much needed in our modern world, where people are out of balance with the natural world. Being herself a mother, Pamela is all about Mother Nature.  In fact, she discovered vegan cooking on her journey to motherhood while afflicted with a life-threatening thyroid condition. The details about this healing journey are all in her book beautiful book Nourished: The Plant Based Path to Health and Happiness.


I got a chance to chat with this local culinary arts icon, who is hosting a series of upcoming events at some of our most treasured plant-based eateries like Manna Life Food and Holi Vegan Kitchen.  

MV: How long have you been vegan and what inspired you to become vegan?

PW: I wouldn’t call myself vegan. I’m a human being, a woman, and a mother first and foremost. My mission is to live in harmony with Nature, and so my lifestyle reflects that choice. I am plant based yes, but if to ask me what flag to wave, I’ll raise the one of nature.

MV: When did you host your first event as a chef? Do you remember it? What led to it? How was the experience?

PW: My first experiences when I noticed I was creating art with food was after taking various cooking courses with Matthew Kenney, and working with him and his team at a couple events here in Miami about 4-5 years ago.

MV: How did your journey into the plant-based culinary world culminate in a published book Nourished?

PW: Nourished is about a journey, and how the culinary world intertwines with one’s lifestyle. I believe my commitment to this lifestyle that shines through my events, postings, social media attracted the creation and birth of the book.

MV: What flavors or ethnic palates influence your cooking style? Who, if any, are your vegan chef heroes?

PW: More than flavors, is the philosophy behind ayurveda what influences not only my cooking but my life. Not speaking about spices, but regarding the understanding and respect one must have towards nature and, to find harmony. Asian culture also influences my way I go about work, which is always with honor and respect for the art –reason why my moniker is wasabi — I wanted to have the constant reminder of what I admire from ancient cultures in my work.

MV: What most would you like participants to gain from your book and cooking demonstration events?

PW: Respect for every form of Life.


Check out some of Pamela’s upcoming events:

For more information please visit:


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