Conscious Creatives Open Mic at Love Life Cafe Kicks-Off with Psychic Dove | Interview


    Conscious Creatives is the newest, hippest open mic to hit Wynwood.  Well, I am a bit biased since yours truly Miami Chronicles is hosting it.  But, nevertheless, it is still true.  It is an open mic with a twist on a twist.  It was born out of a necessity to provide a creative space that is also conscious, nurturing and healthy.  Some of the other evening gatherings around town are fueled on substances and set in locations where there are many toxic behaviors in the atmosphere–cigarette smoking, alcohol intoxication, and the eating dead animals (or meat as people call it) and other “foods” that are harmful to our bodies, other creatures and the environment. While many people consider this a norm, many others are waking up to the abnormality of such behavior.  We are evolving. Times are changing.

In our current environment, we are witnessing first hand the effects of climate change (predominantly caused by animal agriculture), the hostility of consuming products bred form violence towards sentient beings, and the rise of many preventable diseases. In  carnist environments, there is also rampant sexism. The two go hand in hand.  Disrespect towards Mother Nature = disrespect towards  animals = disrespect towards women.  So, a change in is order, or better yet, an evolution.

It’s time to wake up Miami. It’s time to evolve. We must expand our consciousness and create a brave new world in the 305, a community of like -minded individuals who want to spread light, love and creativity instead of darkness, hate and destruction. I hope you will join us for the kick-off to this feast of good-vibes at Love Life Cafe, which will have specials with the most amazing vegan food and drinks like kombucha.

To help us kick-off the event a local favorite, super talented upcoming musician Psychic Dove, will perform at set, and there will be many other talented performers signing up to read poems, sing songs, rap, and entertain us!

I had a chance to chat with Dante Toranaga aka Psychic Dove, our featured performer for the evening.


Miami Chronicles: When did you start creating music?

Dante Toranaga: My earliest memories are music, and composing music and seeing colors, patterns and scenes along to it.

MC: How did Psychic Dove originate?

DT: Psychic Dove was born from following my intuition. I set an intention for a band name and just let it come to me like a purple laser beam. It is a cry for peace and equality amongst all living beings in the universe.

MC: What inspires you to make music?

DT: Emotions, colors, pain, happiness, other beings experiences, music from others, birds singing, ocean waves crashing. I have music inside of me always seeking to come out.

Do you have a particular message you’d like to express to people? God is Love, Let music be the worlds religious practice, treat all beings, animals, humans and others as you would like to be treated.

MC: Are you working on an album or recording? Yes, I record regularly at home, since I was 16. I am currently working on my first album, Aquarian Dream.

DT: Where can we link to find your songs?

Sound Cloud, Psychic Dove. And my Instagram PsychicDove. I have a second Instagram with more songs, but I will reveal that through my Instagram later.

MC: What are your personal goals and aspirations for the future?

DT: To grow and learn infinitely, to become a master musician and dancer by age 35.

What is your hope for the world? That we can live in peace with other humans and animals, and the planet.  I  hope for an end to needless bloodshed. I hope for a switch to Veganism as a form of non violence against all living beings. No more war.

Let’s keep spreading this beautiful message in our community to breed trees not peeps! Hope to see you all tonight! $5 Eventbrite RSVP or at the Door! Sign up on List and Get in Free or Get your tickets here! We’re going to get LIT!


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