Conscious Creatives Kick-Off at Love Life Cafe Retrospective|Photo Gallery

The first ever Conscious Creatives open mic feat. Psychic Dove was a metamorphosis of a creative warehouse space in Wynwood, which is the home of the vegan Love Life Cafe and multi-purpose Wellness Center. The healing space was transformed into a a vehicle of healing sonic power and pineal gland stimulation last Thursday evening.

Marquise Fair

Conscious, conscious, that word, that word, what does it mean? Bryan Vill’s @villbryan reverberated through the mic at the colorful, artistic and chill Love Life Cafe and Wellness Center. His guitar chords subdued the monotony of all our man-made geometries, echoing out dark and light flaps of sound into the sonic chambers of our blood-filled emotions.

Bryan Vill:

Like-minded individuals, conscious artists, were drawn to the space like butterflies looking for wildflowers to pollinate. The artists magically flowed together jamming together after their own sets, providing special, exclusive performances for those lucky enough to be in attendance.  The artists included a sax player, a human beat box, a live art light worker, singer-songwriters, guitarists and poets.  Some expressed vegan messages of love and peace for all living creatures, the earth, and ourselves.  Fueled on just good vibes instead of toxic substances, they created vibrations of sound that lifted everyone to a higher level.  In other words, it was LIT!

Highlights of the evening included Marquise Fair, a local vegan singer songwriter, who’s like a modern incarnation of Bob Marley, with a soulful melodic voice that is enchanting. He deserves national recognition. The world needs to hear him. Check out his Sound Cloud for Marquise Fair Music. Here he is jamming with Psychic Dove.

This video doesn’t exist

Also coming out to jam was upcoming local artists like the human beat box Rufio @kingrufio who recreates popular songs like “That’s the Way Love Goes,” from Aaliyah with just his vocal cords as an instrument. He will blow you away with his talent and ability to make people get up and move.

This video doesn’t exist

Choice Bison is another artist who you might catch at a local open mic around town like the “Theater de Underground” Monday night’s at Churchill’s Pub, and we were lucky enough to have him jam out with us. He is a self-proclaimed vegan light worker, and can only be described as entrancing. He is an avant-funk live art experiment. He brings out a painting to set up as his background and wears a silver mask and sometimes sports his cape. He is alluring, hypnotic and captivating, and most of all upbeat with melodies and echoing vocals that get his audiences feeling it and loving it.

DSC_0055 (2)
Choice Bison

Psychic Dove was the headliner for the evening. He is another upcoming local artist who seems to be from another era.  Check out my interview with him for the event preview. He initially reminds one of Jimmy Hendrix, with his 1960s style and his afro, but he’s a complete original. He’s also a vegan, and his lyrics spread messages of peace and love like vibrational seeds of goodness over the atmosphere.  You’ll have to check him out locally before he blows up.

Here’s a photo gallery of the event with others, including myself (the host of the open mic), who came out to play:

Special Thanks to Love Life Cafe and hope to see you at the next one on November 9, 2017! You don’t want to miss it!

Photography by Abranel Productions 

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