Mold Debuts Self-Titled EP with Three Songs Tied to the Theme of Anxiety

MOLD! is a new band formed by musicians from the Lima, Peru music scene. They include Carlo Barbacci from the band K.Lagan, Bronto Montaño from the band Serto Mercurio, and from the Miami music scene, Bjorn Roland, who’s also in Womanhouse.

April Nicole Photography @april_nicole_creative

With a lot of effort and collaboration between artists in Miami, such as Ryan Haft, mixer of albums for bands like Las Nubes, and R.Brok, a former engineer of the Youtube channel Audiotree, Mold has concluded the process of a three-song EP.

These collaborations are epic! They are also releasing a music video Dec. 5th for one of the songs, which showcases even more artists from the Miami music scene.

“We are connecting with people really fast. We are touring for the first time very soon, and we are booked for Basel Friday Dec 6th. So we are feeling like we could be growing into a band that a lot of people can enjoy,” said Carlo.

Their release show will take place during Art Basel on Friday December 6th at The Center for Subtropical Affairs. They will be playing with CLONE, a band from Brooklyn, NY. “We are happy to play with them because it is a side project of members of bands we are fans of (Dead Leaf Exho, DIIV and Bodega),” mentioned Carlo.

The name of the EP is MOLD!, and it has three songs. The concept of the EP revolves around anxiety. To enforce this idea the group decided to put exclamation marks in the name of every song or an album. They also only use capital letters. For example, Track 1: WAIT! Track 2: WHAT’S HAPPENING! and Track 3: INSIDE-OUT!.

“We think anxiety is a common problem in modern society and our goal is to make people aware and to bring them together, explained the artist.

This rockin’ band draws crowds to venues like Churchill’s and Las Rosas because of their exciting energy, body moving tunes, and ability to show people a good time. Check out these talented musicians during Art Basel and follow them on Ig @__mold__

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