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Contributed by BiancaM

SUPERVILLIANS AT THE SOUTH FLORIDA FAIR: An Editorial Photoshoot by Biancam Studios, LLC.

Harleys at the wheel, whistling at passersby and dancing any minute she gets. At her side, we’ve got Catwoman and Poison Ivy. As much as they try to convince her otherwise, they are on their way for a little run-in with The Joker.

We meet up in Yesteryear Village and the year is 1895. Yesteryear Village is a quaint community stuck in the times of 1895-1945. We came here dressed as characters from Superhero movies. Why not we were in the mood for adventure? After all this range includes the date of Catwoman’s first appearance 1940.

As we’re walking through the village we run into The Joker and head back into 2020; the present and the future to some. But no matter what year it is, there will always be fans. Kids as well as their parents would stop us in awe asking for pictures and selfies, even in the midst of saving the world! What would life mean if we didn’t get that selfie with Catwoman? I get it, however, some of the dads couldn’t bear the thought.

In reality, this photoshoot wasn’t just incredibly fun, the participants happen to be working creatives in South Florida. From makeup artists to yoga instructors, these supervillains are real-life super-beings. Harley Quinn does professional face painting for events, Catwoman is a yoga instructor/online influencer, Poison Ivy is a licensed makeup artist that also dabbles ins special effects, and last but certainly not the least, The Joker is a photographer and model.

Being part of little moments that turn out to be extraordinary visual captures was the main purpose of this editorial photoshoot. This idea was simply posted on social media and thankfully the community of local artists/entrepreneurs made this possible.

A special thanks goes to Kristen Patten (playing Harley Quinn) for giving us exclusive access to the back ways of the fairgrounds as well as being the perfect and real-life Harley Quinn.

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