A Quarantine-Inspired Poem from Across the Sea

March 29, 2020

a silence so exquisitely arresting blankets the city 

like a private affair I’m not sure I have the right to admire

the universe herself has disrobed 

sent home the constellations and musicians 

her lovers and their paint

storytellers, candy sellers

the fibbers the dancers and their motorcades 

her surrealism the ligature marks to my poetry

she rests on my temple 

the bridge of my nose down to my lips 

below the balcony down to the polite 

tumble of waves unraveling like rolls of yarn 

mesmerizing the soft flap of tarp 

covering abandoned boats from the yard 

embassies stand in perfect decorum 

at the front of the streets with no one left to greet

but the slight glitter

of the policeman’s car as he patrols enforcing curfew 

Carina Milena Maceira

Carina Milena Maceira is a 21-year-old, Cuban Colombian writer, teacher and activist. Maceira grew up in America primarily raised by her Kuwaiti Mexican family, adding to her multicultural identity that often reflects in her creative expression. She has had pieces published by Hooligan Magazine, Miami Chronicles, Yes Poetry, Sekka Magazine, Jaffat El Aqlam and Sukoon Magazine. As well as being featured in Mille World and Unootha Magazine. She is also the founding editor in chief of Ink & Oil magazine

Follow her Instagram @orchidssnakespoetry

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Photography by Huda Amin

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