COVID19: How are we doing?

Written by Bianca Mehnert

How can we pass the time by continuing to push our business ventures to the top from the inside of our homes? This unexpected pause opens the door to different opportunities virtually achievable. With the market in unknown territory, this down-time allows a chance to invent innovative possibilities for a necessary new future. Visual aids increase communication in a time where traditional greetings are no longer recommended. So, how do we cope? How do we adjust? The rules are simple and creatives around the world are creating as if our lives depend on it, in some cases they do. The world was already technological in ways a lot of people feared but with the current atmosphere, it now gives us hope. South Florida thrives on its curated event life and we are all feeling at odds with how we are handling the situation but one thing is for sure, we are in this together even when we’re far apart.

This photoshoot represents the importance of social distancing and quarantining with a glamour headshot/editorial portrait session. About three weeks ago, I was coming up with a visual aid that could encourage working artists to transition into a pandemic easier for the event-enthusiast currently put on hold.

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